20 Website Builders Online To Make Your Very Own Website For Musicians

Brian-Christian-at-comput-00720 Website Builders Online To Make Your Very Own Website For Musicians


In this modern era of technology almost every, if not all, business need a website, it is your online presentation card, your contact spot, where you can showcase any events related to your work or your products, but when it comes to musicians there is more to it…

Many musicians use their website for almost any announcement or update they want to share, they have a merchandise store, a fan letter address or a section for online sharing with fans, windows with updates from other social networks, a tour date list, and so many many other features you may have seen and said “I need that!” our point is… hiring a graphic designer, or a web designer can get expensive and not everyone has the money for a professional, but that not the end of the road!

We have compiled the 20 best website builders for you who may have little to no knowledge about programming or web design to precisely design your very own website online and the best part, they are all budget friendly and super easy to use! We will first talk about the features and add 2 photos for each website showcasing said features, let us begin:

Wix.com : Our best choice as for professional look and the most used today, it is simply because it makes things way to simple for you! It helps to construct a website from basically nothing and has a great selection of templates (over 500 designed by professionals) for you to use for free or for a very good price.




It includes eCommerce Tools (To link anything you are selling in our case your music links to sites like iTunes or CDbaby) this handy blue bar you see in the right photo has all the features you need and Wix will explain you briefly what each one is for, all this tools have the greatness of being “drag & Drop” and allow you to link or showcase almost anything and it is also Mobile Friendly it will automatically adjust everything for you and will save you up most of the work, also you can manage media and photos (as seen on the photo) you can link your music videos or any other material through it

Pricing: they offer several packages, ranging between 4.00—16.00 USD a month, each package has different offers to suit your online needs!



SquareSpace.com : This one out stands from others with their quality and being more artistic focused, and they also have an amazingly simple to use tool for editing, handling, modifying and altering anything on your website.

It includes the same aspects as Wix, so you can link any other social networks to your website, showcase photos and video and use eCommerce tools to place your merchandise and CD’s, the only “disadvantage” if it could be call that, is that it requires a little playing around and it can get tedious for someone who is in to much of a hurry, still we strongly recommend it as it can be very powerful with the professional look it offers.


Pricing: They have a student’s pack which offers you 50% discount for the first year, so if you are still in college or in high school with legal age you are at an advantage here! If not, it is still 12-26 dollars a month depending on which package you choose.


Webs.com: Webs a reliable choice for your web-building needs, just as our previous mentions it offer eCommercer tools, blogging tools and linking to your social networks, you will see it is not as flashy or well presented as Wix and SquareSpace but trust us! It gets the job done, and very well! You will find Webs is extremely customizable and reliable and it offers a quality that is also above the average, has tons of templates for you to choose from and it is a service that is growing larger and exposing more options to their clients on a regular basis to suit their needs to a more specific level.



Pricing: As Webs is relatively new, the pricing is very good and the offers are simple. They range in between 8.00 dollars a month to a 2 year plan for 35.00 dollars a month, that include promotion and unlimited storage (for videos & photos)


ShoBands.com : Exclusive to musicians needs, shobands takes pride on having tools for all your artistic needs, marketing needs and promoting needs, we strongly suggest it as one of your top five as it is one of the few Website builders that focuses on musicians and it’s semi-free, with mobile compatibility.

You have to sign up and then you are ready to go and start your band’s site to suit your needs.

Pricing: 60.00 or 90.00 dollars a year whether you pick basic or premium

Premium ReverbNation.com: the famous website ReverbNation has it’s very own website builder when you pay for the premium upgrade of your account, it comes with all the features ReverbNation offers you but also includes tools for marketing and promotion online.
It is focused mostly for mobile and yet it includes all the tools you will need for desktop version and re-adapt it if someone opens the link on PC.

Pricing: 20.00 USD a month approx.

GoDaddy.com: Another worldwide successful website builder adaptable to any needs you may have is GoDaddy they even have a money back guarantee if you do not feel comfortable in their service.bhklbThey are identical to Wix in many forms, starting from the tools they offer, the simplicity to construct your site, your linking to other social networks and the wide range on offers they have for you to pay on a monthly basis.
Pricing: Packs range between 5.99 to 14.99 a month depending on your needs.


1&1.com: with half a million paying subscribers on a monthly basis, it has a great hosting service for creating your own webiste, they have Top-notch customer support,100% optimized for mobile & over 200 Industry-Specific Design Templates.
You can see 1&1 as a good alternative as they are nto as widely known as Wix or GoDaddy, they sure are ranking up and starting to add more tools and features, it offers very good customer and eCommerce Support overall and it is one of the cheapest services for web creation out there!
Pricing: It offers 3 packages ranging form 6.99 to 14.99 and including in each a wider selection of templates.


SiteBuilder.com: This site is a perfect balance of a good, comprehensible and functional service, it has a very professional set of tools for you just as Wix and GoDaddy, we suggest you give it a good check as the design is very neutral and can be applied for creating a musician’s site with a lot of ease.

vhjbvSitebuilder has the great benefit to having the implementation of a free email set up and probably the largest selection of templates for you to use, and above all that the price is one of the lowest related to price-quality-design relation, so keep this in mind of you are looking for somewhere to start with and your budget really craves a short number.

Pricing: 9.99 to 14.99 depending on the pack you find most useful for you.


Sitey.com: one of the top 5 recommended is Sitey, it will offer an above-average high end quality, it has a great support team and a lot of technical features you can implement into your website to make it look more complex than just a template with buttons on it.
It is a drag and drop builder for people who are absolutely new to creating websites and need to do this soon, fast and end up with a good result! We strongly suggest you include this one as one of the best when it comes to ease of use and quality as it really stands above many, some have even said it will outgrow Wix or GoDaddy if it keeps up the way it works.
Pricing: 9.00 dollars to 24.00 dollars a month, it includes wide range of options in between each package and they really outgrow each other by the price change.
MoonFruit.com: It popularized mostly because they offer the option of making a good online shop, with plenty of tools for you to add and make a custom online interactive shop, we suggest this one solely for the purpose of selling merch or bundles with an offer set, if you are a musician who is seeking a good website where to host your merchandise and you want to keep it apart from your main website this could be a good alternative.  hjlbvjh

It also has a great media integration and displays it in a very good looking format, that makes your site more attractive. Pricing: From FREE to 35.00 dollars a month, they vary exclusively by the amount of items you can upload and media storage you will need for the photos/videos advertising them.


Cubender.com: Stunningly beautiful design and also very practical, it offers linking to social networks and many other features, it will create a more visual experience for your website and give it that touch of magic you may be looking for, we suggest IM creator mostly because it contains a set of wonderful templates with all the capacities that Wix and GoDaddy have.

Pricing: 9.00 to 29.00 a month, the variation depends on some aspects you can integrate and how much storage space you need.

IM creator: A website that will offer you way more than others and you should include n your “must check top 5 amazing sites” list as this one has a wonderful characteristic, it will offer you many more tools to customize your website and have a way more professional look, of course this alternative is a bit pricey but trust us, it is worth it if you are willing to take the jump for it!
It supports almost everything we have mentioned so far, a store, eCommerce, full features, beautiful templates and many things that will be offers to you meanwhile you are constructing your site, the best part is there is no learning curve it is super easy to use and it is very fast and responsive. (you can tell by the photo how sure they are of their quality difference with others, ha!)
Pricing: there is a Free Plan, and then the packs range from 8.00 a month to 250.00 USD a year, just as with the other websites, the packs are very logical and outsmart each other.


Strikingly.com: Strikingly is a different website format that allows you to create a one-page website format in case you are a very minimalistic person and are seeking to make something super simplified this could work very well for musicians, as you can display everything in a single page and not have the need to design each individual tab, just organizing one huge page. It is the best one page builder in the internet, supports eCommerce, and its free


Pricing: Free
BandZoogle.com: Another exclusive for artists is Bandzoogle as it has integrated all tools a musician website might need such as, mailing list, promotional ads, promotion to your other social networks, blog linkage to your home page and video and photography show casing spaces, the administration of this site is over all great, there is great support for technical bits you might need help with or advice and they will answer to you in a short time span.
It will offer it’s very own mailing list service for the highest pay rate per month and it is very accesible.

           Pricing: Just as the other websites, Bandzoogle offers a set of pay per month packs that outsmart each other by quite a lot of reasons ranging from 8.00 to 16.00 dollars a month, still a very accessible rate for all it offers including a mailing list system.
HostBaby.com: By the name you might have thought this sounds familiar in music website terms, and it does because It is a service offered by CDBaby, with also an extreme quality offering, it also is highly customizable and renders the websites as “quality with potential” Just as Bandzoogle it offers all the needs you might have as a musician and places them as handful drag and drop tools for you


Pricing: It offers custom domain registration for an extra but the overall prices is just 20.00 USD, it also includes a few coupons and extras when you start paying after the free trial.
SiteGround.com: SiteGround focuses on an artistic aspect of web design and uses WordPress hosting only, these are not exactly websites but can be designed to work as such, has templates that pretty much outgrow the quality of other websites, we’d suggest that you search a bit of advice on how to structure your site well as it works a very bit more technical than others, but even if you are a beginner at it, there is no rocket science involved, we promise!
lyighjvbThe benefit on SiteGround is that it offers most of music-needed tools and has a variety of choices and modifications for each. They also offer toolkit and optional services for wordpress and joomla.
Pricing: 3.00 to 229.00 USD for Hosting with high quality capacities,
WebFlow.com: is not for beginners but it enables experienced designers to quickly create solid websites that can be ported over seamlessly to WordPress or other platforms, along with great customer support and wonderful set of tools for you to add or customize.
luyjhvbPricing: Free- 78.00 A month, of course higher the price the more free and volatile your website can become.
RocketSpark.com: A very simple set up, and also very useful, RocketSpark takes pride on having a live preview of the site you are building and having eCommerce Tools, for musicians it is a great option if you are planning on integrating a lot of merchandise or direct CD offers, they also automatically adjust your website for mobile devices and any phone screen resolution.

 Pricing: 16.00 Euros a month



SnapPages.com: This one is probably the simplest method to making a website now, we include it as it is very complete and has video support for the tools and organizational needs you may have doubts with, it also contains a good set of templates for you to customize and can set up a very well laid professional looking site toghether with an extreme simplicity of use.
A great benefit it has that most do not have is a spam filter for comments or any integration of free text you use.  Pricing: 12.00 to 20.00 USD with very good settings including: One click client logins and multiple account management.

Google Website Builder: we left one of the best for last! Of course all the options we gave you are great but if you are more into really sitting down and working a website to the up most level of quality you can achieve the google website builder!

You can add, subtract, create, modify, alter, and diversify the content of your page in any way you wish to!

We strongly suggest you find some basic tutorials for it, as it is the most technical in this list they still break down the website making to really simple blocks and wouldn’t take you more than less than a free afternoon to get the hang of it.

You decide, that is the greatest benefit, what you want in your site and what not! It is still in development, but still it is free and way more functional than what you would expect from a Beta, at the end it’s google we are talking about here!
Pricing: Free



Having a website is a must for a musician, there are so many options here that we suggest you check one by one, at the end they are all great options but it is like when you buy a new instrument, it’s not only the quality of the sound or how pretty it looks, it also depends on whether or not you feel comfortable with it! Find a site where you really feel happy with and have good understanding of how to use it, you will be the one administrating at the end!