Music Industry Resource Guide

Music Industry Resource Guide




Table Of Contents

  14. Manage Contacts Better
  15. Musician health insurance
  16. Discover music
  17. Where Your Fans Are Sharing Music
  18. Social Media Music Websites Your Fans Are Using
  19. Where Your Fans Are Finding Live Music
  20. Find Bloggers to write about your music
  21. Tools to distribute your Press Releases and Resources
  22. Twitter Music Marketing Tools and Resources
  23. Tools for Brands and Marketers
  24. Search Tools
  25. Cool Twitter Visualizations
  26. Twitter on iPhone
  27. Who to Follow
  28. Measure Your Influence
  29. Clients / Interfaces / Managers
  30. Other / Miscellaneous / Bonus
  31. Marketing and Promotion tools on twitter
  32. Monitoring and Intelligence
  33. 25 Random, Must-See Social Media Tools For Twitter
  34. Management Other Social with Twitter at the same time
  35. Blogs and Websites
  36. Agencies
  37. Other / Miscellaneous
  38. Musician distribution services
  39. Public Relation Firm Services
  40. Press Release Submission and Positioning (affordable)
  41. Editorial Contacts and Calendars
  42. PR Monitoring Tools
  43. Other Professional PR Firms to check out
  44. Musician publicist services and Resources
  45. Ning Sites To Help Promote Your Music
  46. List Of 120 Hip Hop Mixtape Websites




Some online tools that help musicians connect with their fans directly are mentioned in this chapter. Some of the tools are:-

  1. Topspin Media – This software for musicians will help them connect to their fans directly. This app will also help musicians promote their music online using the web. This tool includes many other tools for e commerce purpose. It helps musicians to maintain relationship with fans. This media app also compiles multiple products of a single musician. This feature helps fans to identify their favorite musician’s products.
  2. Bandcamp – This web based app is used to sell music to fans. Selling thorough this app will require a PayPal account. You just need to choose the type of account, confirm the mail address and you are done with the selling job.
  3. Nimbit – This provides direct sales of items to fans, promoting their music and other carrier oriented managements for musicians. Through this app musicians and their managers can sell merchandise in Facebook or some other websites.
  4. VibeDeck – This app also helps musicians to promote their music along with some other selling items. This allows musicians to sell their goodies directly to fans and keep the profit within them.
  5. com – This site provides selling or items and goodies directly to fan and also allows musicians to keep 100% of their sales.
  6. Artist board™– This site provides a musician to manage his musical career. This allows the musician control the promotion and also allows him to connect with the fans directly.
  7. Cafe Press– Fans can buy goodies related to their favorite musicians from this site.
  8. CD Baby– This site is the best independent music shop available in the web where every type of music is available.
  9. Constant Contact– This site helps to acquire new customers for any type of marketing tools.
  10. Pledgemusic– This also helps musicians to connect with their fans directly. This help musicians distribute and promote their music.
  11. ReverbNation– This website offers to maintain good relationship among the fans. This also helps people to book for concerts and help musicians promote their music.
  12.– In this website music lovers will be able to listen to new artists and bands can share their music with different set of audience.



There are many online websites that provide facilities of watching live shows of the musicians. It makes it all the more easy for the fans to catch up with their favorite songs and live shows over the net. The apps and tools that help in this purpose are mentioned in this chapter.

  1. SplitGigs is a social network that helps emerging bands or musicians find gigs to play, through a simple but highly effective idea: the “SplitGig”GigsWiz– Using this site bands choose where to perform on the basis of the place where their fans want them to perform.
  2. Eventric– This software is basically used for industries related to professional live entertainment.
  3. Weiv– This app helps you to interact with the platform music. This software allows you to create a live visual performance or live visual music.
  4. SplitGigs– This is a powerful way to know about the not so famous bands and their live concerts.
  5. GigMasters– With this application you can book your entertainment according to your wish. You can book musicians and party singers.
  6. Gigwish– This app helps you to choose your artist and accordingly request organizers to arrange for a show where your favorite artist will perform.
  7. fm – Through this app musicians share their music to a particular venue and receive call letters from that venue for live shows.
  8. Live Music Machine– This app also helps you to contact your favorite musicians and bands in order to perform for you at a particular venue.
  9. ReverbNation’s Gig Finder– This also helps to search all the venues and night clubs and show what types of artists they have booked.
  10. Sonicbids– The most popular and famous web based booking site for musicians, artists and bands.
  11. SplitGigs– An online forum that helps new artists to search other artists and perform along with them.



The different types of record label used by the musicians are all that is mentioned in this chapter.


  1. Oocto – Musical projects are collected together and stored that makes it easier for fans to search for any particular project of their favorite musician.
  2. PledgeMusic – How can a fan like you follow your favorite artist? Well this answer is given by Through this website followers can track their artists and be a part of their favorite artist’s musical journey. This is an interactive website which allows fans to join their favorite musicians on their journey.
  3. TuneRights – This website allows musicians and their managers to share videos and audios of their company. People who logs into this website as a user and wants to listen to any music then he is charged a minimum amount. This is a site believes in song investment. They provide finance to the songwriters.






There are many analytics and business tools that will be required by a musician. These tools can be used by a musician for different search engines.


  1. RockDex– If you are a musician and you want to know how your music is popular or is liked by the entire world the easiest step to know about this is the new online site called In this site artist can actually find about the ways in which they can improve buzz about them. This site will help musicians keep a track about their fans. This will also help people to know about the recent trends of their favorite artists.
  2. BandCentral– This offers a special assistance to musicians. This is a great tool for artists especially for band members. Band members can very easily maintain a schedule of their practice session using this site. This site gives an amazing way of cutting time problems. This help musicians communicate with one another without wasting any time. Users can use this site any time of the day. The link to this site is
  3. Next Big provides an analytics and insight for the music industry. Every small detail about the music industry or any particular musician is mentioned in this site. This provides with data that will help thousands of professional to make decisions. This takes data from all the available sites like Facebook likes, and maintains them in one central file.
  4. Artist Growth – This tool was launched in the year 2012 for the music industry. It provides a location for calendars, inventory, economies and concerts for the musicians and their entire team. With addition to the above, this app provides with contacts from the industries and a to-do list for the musicians. The site to this app is
  5. Bandbook– This app helps a music band to manage their schedule. This also helps them to connect with their fans and managers, decide on the venues of their performance and many more. This is basically a management tool mainly for a music band. The site of this app is
  6. Buzzdeck – This online app is a music analytics tool. This app helps the musicians and their managers to track their fans from their Twitter followers. This also helps them find out who is watching their videos and what comments they leave on the videos. It will help musicians know what number of people follows him. The site to this app is
  7. this website is used to transfer music into data which helps musicians.




The songs are recorded and the albums are produced. Now what? After the production of the album the first thing that often disturbs the music companies are how to promote these albums and sell them publicly. Earlier it was not such a problem since piracy was not into practice but nowadays with the increasing rate of piracy it is a threat to the music companies to sell their records. This chapter of the book contains different ways in which distribution or marketing of a record is done.


  1. ONErpm – ONErpm stands for One Revolution People’s Music. This is a platform which helps in the distribution and marketing of the record along with this manages the fan following. This website charges a onetime fee during registration. They distribute different records of artists digitally. Different records of artists are available in this website which makes it easier for people to know about the new launches and hence allow them to buy their favorite.
  2. Spotmeup – With the help of this app you can easily share your songs on spotify. Spotify is the music streaming service that provides you to manage the digital rights reserved under the law.
  3. Tunecore – This is another popular website that offers musicians to distribute their songs publicly. Through this website musicians share their audios and videos. Musicians make their audios and videos available in the online market through this site. Online marketing means making their music available on Google play music, eMusic and so on. This makes it easier for a perfect distribution of their new launches.
  4. IODA – IODA stands for Independent Online Distribution Alliance. It is a global company that deals with the online marketing of the music products produced by different music industry. Different musicians register here in order to distribute their music albums to the entire world. Through this site musician makes their album available to the entire world.
  5. INgrooves – This Company is a technology company dealing with the online marketing of music. Musicians register themselves and through this they distribute their music all over the world. This Company deals with both audio and video distribution of the artists.




This chapter deals with the various websites and social media approaches and other applications which are available on the web for musicians. Some of these tools are mentioned.

  1. Onesheet–This is a type of website created by musicians in order to maintain their schedule and mention about them and the kind of music they are involved with. This website is free of cost and so is widely used by musicians.
  2. BandPage– This website powers over 500 musician’s Facebook page that makes it easier for you to search for your musician.
  3. CASH Music – This is a nonprofit website that helps musicians to learn.
  4. ArtistData– All the information about a particular artist is mentioned in this site that makes it easier for fans to connect with their favorites.
  5. FanRx– Through this app a band can change and update its Facebook page and add images and videos.
  6. musiXmatch – This is one of the famous and lyrics brochure available online. It contains nearly all song lyrics so far.
  7. Keezy – It is a funny mobile app that is suitable for the toddlers as well as important tool for musicians.
  8. Jamn – This tool is famous for writing songs. It helps musicians to understand the relationship between keys, chords and strings.
  9. Mixcloud – This is a free application that makes you listen to the worldwide radio.
  10. WhoSampled – This app helps you to identify every minute detail about the music that you love. It contains a database that has many sample songs recorded in it.
  11. Traktor DJ – This is the first DJ software that was developed for the IOS platform. Hand gestures are enough for this software to act perfectly.
  12. Figure – This is also funny app usually available in your mobile. This app helps you to create music according to your own wish and also allows you to share this music designed by you in all social Medias.
  13. Band of the Day – This is also a mobile centric application. Through photographs, videos and audios this app brings new artists everyday in front of the user.
  14. Hypemachine – In is website thousands of people all over the world write about their favorite songs and this help others to know and learn about new songs everyday .
  15. AroundMe –This app makes it easier for you to search for the nearest places around you. This app is really helpful for musicians travelling since this app shows the presence of nearest restaurants, hospitals, clubs, petrol pumps and many more that a musician may need while travelling.
  16. Splice – This app helps you to enhance your creative ideas. This app lets a musician capture, edit and share the piece of music.
  17. August – This provides a place where artists reside.
  18. VibeDeck – This is an e commerce platform that is generally used by musicians to sell their goodies to their fans directly and share their music online. This app is important these purposes.
  19. BandPage – This is a website where all the musicians are registered and all details about the musicians are available.
  20. Fandalism – You should keep a track of not only your favorite musician but also other musicians of the same age. This tool lets you know about other musicians of the same age.
  21. by – Through this app new music audios and videos are uploaded in the website.
  22. Loudr – Through this platform you can sell your music worldwide and make it popular in the web.
  23. DistroKid – Generally musicians undertake this app. Through this app musicians put their songs on the web which can be purchased by the users and their fans.
  24. WatZatSong – Musicians post their songs in this website without any name and they allow their fans to name their songs. Through this app fans can name the songs sung by their favorite musicians.




Where do all the music lovers go in order to get the latest news of the music industries? Well to answer this query of the music lovers there are different websites that provides with the latest news from the music industry. This chapter deals with different news sites providing news about the music industry and different blogs related to the music industry.


  1. Music Ally– This website deals with different music company news and their business ideas and strategies. Through website you can find any details about a music company and know about how they work and what the position of their company in the market is. This site provides all information about any music company.
  2. Hypebot – This website provides with daily updates and news about music industries, musicians and other music related news. This site provides news about each and every aspect of the music industry and also about music professionals.
  3. Make It In Music – Want to start a music business but do not know how? This website provides with all the details that you will need in order to start a music company. This website provides with all learning materials that you will need in order to start a music industry. This site provides learning tips for song writing, song composing and even helps you learn about different marketing strategies.
  4. Digital Music News – This website provides authenticated news about different technologies used by different music industries.
  5. Topspin Tips – All you need to use this site is get yourself registered in this site. Once you register yourself then this site automatically starts giving tips about different music. This will provide with tips related to writing songs, recording audios and many more. It is a great way to start up something new in the field of music and become a musician.
  6. Audio4cast – This is a blog that helps companies with different business and marketing strategies. Companies needs a daily updates about other companies and business strategies. This blog gives daily updates about other industries.
  7. Bandzoogle Blog – Musicians update their blog daily and keeps their fans updated about the latest news. Fans can keep them updated about their favorite artists and other music industries related facts about them.
  8. The Beat Report – This gives proper information about details of musicians and other music industries related facts. Fans come to know about the music companies through these reports available on the web.
  9. Bob Baker’s Indie Music Promotion Blog – This is a blog that deals with tips and advices for individual musicians in order to promote their music. Individual musicians face a severe problem in promoting their music and distribute them among public. This blog gives them tips about promoting their music and other marketing strategies.
  10. Create Digital Music – This app helps you to create your own digital music. This is a hardware that helps you to make your own music go worldwide famous on the web.
  11. Crowdfunding For Musicians – This site helps musicians to keep a track on their fans and followers. Musicians know who actually follow their music.
  12. Digital Music Trends – This special blog helps you to find out everything about digital music. This blog especially deals with digital music and musicians involved with digital music. This blog also covers several digital audios and videos and fans can get all details about these from this blog.
  13. Disc Makers’ Echoes – This blog is mainly useful for individual musicians. Musicians who perform solo music on stage get advice and tips from this blog. This blog provides with giving these musicians suggestions about everything and anything that deals with solo music. This blog also helps musicians learn new styles and forms of music. This gives details about how to record music and how to promote the recording. Promotion is a huge problem for musicians nowadays and this is more problematic for solo musicians. This blog provides with different promotion strategies ideal for solo musicians.
  14. The DIY Musician (CD Baby) – All you need to do for using this site is have an account in CD Baby. Once you have that this site helps you create and maintain a playlist of all the songs in your CD Baby account. Along with creating a playlist this also maintains information and gives links to different bloggers.
  15. DJ TechTools – This is mainly used by Disc Jockeys. In this new age of technology everyone wants to use technology in their day to day activities. This site makes it easier for DJ’s to create digital music and share this music with the rest of the world. This site provides information and resources for learning different musical aspects.
  16. Dotted Music – This provides a blog for promoting music on the web. This blog is generally used by musicians and band members in order to promote their music and also distribute their music using the web.
  17. The Echo Nest – This blog automatically gets all news about the music industries and updates on a daily basis. Both fans and musicians can log in to this blog and get updated news about the music industry.
  18. fm – This app is an obsolete app now but it was widely used previously for playing songs and getting all the information about that particular song including information about the artist and other details about the song.
  19. Grassrootsy – This blog is in practice since late 2008. The main aim of this blog is to write about different marketing strategies about individual musicians or a particular band. It requires a huge capital to promote someone in the music industry. Different researches show that musicians could not afford so much capital in order to promote their music. Keeping this fact in mind this blog was created where musicians could come and write about their music and themselves in order to get promoted in the music industry.
  20. Intern Like a Rockstar – This provides suggestions and tips to the future generation of the music industry. It provides access to other details like learning different types of music, recording them and sharing music.
  21. Last Stop Booking – This site manages the booking of an artist. Through this site artist gets hired by different promoters and event managers. This site also helps to negotiate with the rate that is offered by the musicians in order to perform for the event.
  22. Launch & Release – This app keeps you up to date about new releases and launches of any new album or song by any particular artist. They contain a huge database that contains all the new launches of any particular artist.
  23. Michael Brandvold Marketing – This provides a marketing strategy for musicians. Musicians receive suggestions from this site in order to promote their music. They provide a marketing idea for the musicians involving the web.
  24. Musformation – This was launched in order to serve the new generation of the music industry. This provides all information about modern musicians and modern music industry. This also provides with some tips that is essential for modern musicians. Tips like how to improve live stage performances, improving marketing strategies all these are available in this site.
  25. Music 3.0 – This contains all news and recent updates about the music industries. This also provides tips for musicians.
  26. Music & Copyright – This site provides exclusive news about share value of different music companies which are not available in any other site.
  27. Music Globalization – This talks about the music industry on a global aspect. Every details of the music industry are available from this site and in a global aspect.
  28. Music Industry Blog – This blog will help you to find out every minute detail about the music industry. This will provide with an insight to the music industry. People often get to know about the life of the musicians and their journey to this music industry. Apart from musicians details and stories about companies are available in this blog.
  29. Music Industry How To – This is the only platform in the web that allows musicians of all genre to learn the tactics of music world and come learn everything about this industry. This platform also provides with learning or creating different types of music.
  30. Music Machinery – This blog is written about different technologies associated with the world of music especially for online music.
  31. Music Marketing [dot] com – This blog is mainly for businessman who wants to write about any message they want to share with the world.
  32. Music Think Tank – This blog is a group blog where there are many writers writing about different aspects of online music industry.
  33. com – This site provides information about how to get into the music industry and every other fact about different musical trainings. This site teaches and trains a person who wants to become a musician and get involved in the music industry.
  34. The Prescription – This provides details about any particular song along with lyrics and other details of that particular song.
  35. Shades of Solveig – This blog is written by Solveig who is an engineer graduate and daily writes blogs and reports about different musical industry and other music related affairs.
  36. Sunshine PromotionSync Exchange – This app makes it easier for promoting music for all musicians as well as music companies.
  37. Wesley Verhoeve – This blog creates beautiful and creative design for the music industries and beautifully writes about different stories of the music industry.





  1. The Echo Nest– This contains nearly 400-500 music applications installed and that gives a wide range for people to choose anyone among the rest.
  2. com – This is a way of connecting different leading brands with musicians in order to make either of them famous and also update the musicians with the current fashion.
  3. Radar –This is a special app which helps in promoting videos in the worldwide web.
  4. Menyou – This helps in creating and making a new channel that will showcase only music related news, new songs in the market, news about several artists and many more. This is exclusively a music channel that can be created by anyone and with this one can make money.
  5. iMASCHINE– This app is exclusively for iphone. Through this app new songs and ideas about new songs are created anytime, anywhere. You just need to have an iphone for starting this app. This app can be downloaded from the apple play store.
  6. Moontoast– This platform is used to create marketing strategies through social networking sites.
  7. net – This is mainly build to find out new hidden talents. Like reality shows this site emphasizes on finding out new talents in the field of music.
  8. Dropcards– This site helps you to easily download cards of digital music or sell music online.
  9. Link-Busters – As piracy is the main threat to the music industry there should be something to control this piracy. This site provides with controlling piracy among the professionals. Also known as an anti piracy site.
  10. DIY Music Platform– This app allows you to directly make your music public with the help of a sound player and also makes it easier for you to sell this music.
  11. Bandmix – This site provides with a search engine through which different musicians can be searched on the net or different bands can be searched with the help of this search engine.
  12. FanBridge – This is a platform which controls and keeps a track on the fan base of any particular artist.
  13. ReverbNation – This online platform provides different musical tools and other music related news.
  14. Sonicbids – This helps in promoting marketing strategies using the social media and through different social networking sites.
  15. FanMail Marketing – This helps in connecting the fans with digital music and market related to digital music.
  16. Haulix – Digital promos and trailers for digital music is build through this app.
  17. Gobbler – This provides high speed transfer of any files especially audios or videos.
  18. Indaba Music –This is a platform for musicians to communicate with one another and interact with each other. Through this interaction they make different music ideas about singing together as a group.
  19. Bandlink – This app connects different musicians from different parts of the world.
  20. Kompoz – A bass player, a drummer and a guitar is associated with it and hence you can sing and create your own music anytime anywhere.




Professionals need to organize themselves in order to lead a successful life of a musician. If they are too busy then they may appoint a manager who will organize things for them. But organizing things are essential for a musician. This chapter deals with certain tools that helps one get organized in his music carrier.


  1. Evernote– This app remembers anything that you write on it. This acts as a reminder if you set it for any particular date and time.
  2. Awesome Note– This special app helps you to write a to-do list and after you finish writing a to-do list this apps combines this to-do list with other notes already mentioned in the app.
  3. Workflowy– This is a list maker which helps you to create a list according to the works you need to do. This also maintains a schedule on your day to day work and also makes it easier for you to maintain a daily check on your activities. This easy app helps you to get organized in a much systematic way.
  4. Things– This app is used for iphone or Mac and is a list where you can create an awesome way of writing a to-do list.
  5. Rule– This app helps to make a list where all your work is jotted down. It is said that when you have a disciplined life then you can enjoy life to your fullest. This is so true for musicians. When musicians have a proper and disciplined lifestyle then it will be easier for them to stay organized in their field of work.
  6. MindMeister– This app provides a to-do list that you can do in your mind. But keeping in mind does not provide with a guarantee that you will not forget it hence through this app you can guarantee that even if you brain forgets your app will not forget about the work it needs to do.
  7. Thoughtback– This app keeps on sending you flashback and items from the past that will remind of any work that you have left for future.
  8. 1Password– You generally don’t tend to remember all you account ids and passwords. Since you have more than one account and off course more than one password this app will help you remember all your passwords.
  9. Omnifocus– This is used for Mac or IOS platform mainly and is a great app that helps you remember all the work you need to know.
  10. Popplet– This is a mind map usually used by students in schools to learn and remember.




  1. Twisted Sifter– This is considered to be the best among all the other websites related to visual effect. This creates the best effect visually that is thoroughly enjoyed by people.
  2. Uncrate– This is a digital magazine available in the web especially designed for guys who want to buy cars, toys and other stuffs that interests guys.
  3. My Modern Met– This helps in creating connectivity in creative ideas.
  4. The Selby– This is a photography directory that consists of many photographs that you want to upload. This directory is open to you and is entirely your own free space where you can upload photos anytime you want.
  5. Gear Patrol– This is a place where gathering takes place. Provides all sorts of news and valuable updates required for getting together.
  6. Brit + Co.– Provides ideas for living life in a much creative way. This provides idea about celebrating each day of your life beautifully.
  7. Dwell– A place to explore modern homes through those people who live on these modern homes.
  8. The Awesomer– Shows and explores amazing and awesome stuffs available on the net. It is a daily blog that is written about awesome stuffs including awesome food, awesome movies, awesome games and many more.
  9. AFAR– You often get confused thinking where to spend your vacation. This is a great and an amazing magazine that deals with all details about travelling. This can guide you for travelling purpose.
  10. Today and Tomorrow– A website with a collection of beautiful things that change your idea towards life. It contains beautiful quotes and other beautiful images that drive your day in a positive way.





Social media is an important tool for publicizing and promoting new ideas. This chapter deals with different marketing strategies used to manage brands on the social media or the social networking sites.


  1. Sprout Social– This software deals with managing social media sites and gain and manage new customers. Through this software customers increase their chance of growing their social acquaintances and hence manage their different social accounts.
  2. sm– This develop certain tools that help in increasing the social campaigns related to marketing strategies.
  3. Radian6– Helps in monitoring the social media accounts and other social networking sites. This helps you to come closer to your customers in the social media or the social web.
  4. Brandwatch–Some brands choose some important analysis tool which is helped for analyzing and monitoring the social media. This is found in this site. Different tools for social media monitoring aspects.
  5. Adly– Some items and products features few famous personalities for promoting the product. This site contains all such advertisements that include different advertisement and involvement of celebrities.
  6. DataSift–Helps companies manage their several social networking sites and social media. This app is cheap and hence widely used by companies to take care of their different social networking sites.
  7. com– A source that guides you in every social media service and connects you with the entire world of social media.





Creating an app often sounds difficult and you think for creating an app you need to learn coding skills. This is a wrong concept. Creating an app will not require any coding knowledge. This chapter contains all the software that will help you to build your own application.


  1. Tapjoy–This is a service provider for cell phone applications that provide services in exchange of money. This helps in providing with different platforms for making games and other applications.
  2. App Annie– This is an app store from where different apps can be downloaded and used. This also helps you track all the latest apps that are available in the market.
  3. Flurry– It is an advertisement company that provides with an analytics to understand the relationship between different consumers and mobile apps. This observes data and through this they can analyze consumer’s behavior towards the application.
  4. App Cooker– A platform that deals with creating new mobile applications based on the IOS platform.
  5. Mobile Roadie– This is the most important and powerful application maker that is mainly used for android phones and iphones.
  6. Chupa– The shopping place for all kinds of tools required for making a mobile app. All tools necessary for building mobile apps is available in this open market region.
  7. Parse– Provide with a backend for your app.






It is really important for musicians to socialize. Without socializing they will not be able to promote their music. This chapter deals with different ways of socializing for musicians.

  1. Path – Helps you to stay together with your closed ones especially family and other best friends.
  2. Pair –A very romantic app created just for beautiful pairs mainly couples. Makes it easier for them to come close to one another.
  3. Meetup – Makes it easier for you to find out some common topic of interests near you and organize a meeting with different sets of people.
  4. Wendr– Make a plan with all your friends tonight. Find out what they are actually doing tonight.
  5. Highlight – An entertaining way to learn about people staying close to you.
  6. Banjo –An app that gives you notification about the fact when your friends are together and near you.
  7. Diaspora – A modern way for remixing your own world.
  8. Touch – An app that allows you to chat with only your close friends and family.

Manage Contacts Better


  1. Scrubly – Helps in removing all duplicate contacts from your gmail contact list, and phone contact list and other contact lists if any.
  2. Rapportive – Make separate contact profiles inside gmail account.
  3. Contactually – Strong network inside your email.


 Musician health insurance



Discover music



  1. #Music – Discover popular music through Twitter.
  2. fm – music.lovers create handmade musics this helps in listening to those.
  3. fm – Identify awesome live recordings.
  4. Preamp – Find out where live music is played in your city.
  5. Music Impacts – Discover music on your personal life’s imapact on it and not on the popularity of the music.
  6. Soundwave – Identify music that all your friends are listening to.
  7. Torch Music – A history of all your recent tracks are made and suggestions are provided according to those songs.
  8. TV – Discover new artists and musicians.
  9. fm – Any sort of music that picks up and listen to turn your mood on anytime anywhere.

Where Your Fans Are Sharing Music


  1. Rithm – Send songs to your friends.
  2. Mindie – Share life through music video (in seconds).
  3. Listn – Listen to your friends music for free.
  4. Tinysong – Perfect for tweetin’ songs.
  5. fm – Collect and share your music discoveries.
  6. MyStream – Share your music, not your headphones.
  7. Fair Share Music – “You download, we donate.”


Social Media Music Websites Your Fans Are Using




  1. Wavo – Find free music with friends.
  2. net – Share and explore Spotify playlists.
  3. fm – Find great music through people you trust and artists you love.
  4. Tastebuds – Meet people through music.
  5. Rockbot – Lets users pick the music playing at restaurants.
  6. PingTune – A music messaging app for sharing tunes with friends.
  7. EQuala – Rely on your friends music to be the best radio station.
  8. Soundtracker – Geosocial internet radio.
  9. Moosify – Find your “soundmate” now. A music social network.
  10. Playmysong – Take control of the music around you.


Where Your Fans Are Finding Live Music



  1. Qello – Brings the concert to you wherever you are.
  2. Timbre – A simple app for finding live music.
  3. Jukely – Concerts with friends.
  4. Applauze – Tickets to everything.
  5. Concert Window – Watch live concerts from your couch.
  6. Sofar Sounds – Curates secret, intimate gigs in living rooms around the world.
  7. Festicket – Find your perfect festival.
  8. Stageit – A front row seat to a backstage experience.


Included in the upgraded online course

  • Social Media Music Websites Your Fans Are Using
  • Where Your Fans Are Finding Live Music
  • Find Bloggers to write about your music
  • Tools to distribute your Press Releases and Resources
  • Twitter Music Marketing Tools and Resources
  • Tools for Brands and Marketers
  • Search Tools
  • Cool Twitter Visualizations
  • Twitter on iPhone
  • Who to Follow
  • Measure Your Influence
  • Clients / Interfaces / Managers
  • Other / Miscellaneous / Bonus
  • Marketing and Promotion tools on twitter
  • Monitoring and Intelligence
  • 25 Random, Must-See Social Media Tools For Twitter
  • Management Other Social with Twitter at the same time
  • Blogs and Websites
  • Agencies
  • Other / Miscellaneous
  • Musician distribution services
  • Public Relation Firm Services
  • Press Release Submission and Positioning (affordable)
  • Editorial Contacts and Calendars
  • PR Monitoring Tools
  • Other Professional PR Firms to check out
  • Musician publicist services and Resources
  • Ning Sites To Help Promote Your Music
  • List Of 120 Hip Hop Mixtape Websites