5 Painfully Obvious But Extremely Effective Facebook Tactics Nobody Told You About

Facebook tatics On any given day, an average Facebook user’s news feed filters around 1,500 possible stories. But after Facebook’s news feed algorithm comes into play, only 20% of these stories actually land in your feed. In fact, I’ve heard that it’s easier to get into Harvard than into someone’s Facebook news feed! You’ve read […]

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Is Facebook the new Ebay?

Meet Facebook’s new gift to the world – the ‘Buy’ button. You know those interesting ads that come up on Facebook based on your chosen preferences? Now, you can seamlessly ‘Buy’ a product advertized, right from the Facebook website. How often do we find an ad for something we like, when we least expect to […]

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Viral Marketing

What is viral marketing? Viral marketing is all about marketing a brand, an idea or just about anything that you want to market through word of mouth, online networking sites, and simple mobile communication. To understand the concept better, let’s consider a situation that most of us have encountered while young. Remember the time when […]