Linkedin For Musicians

LinkedIn Marketing For Musicians


There is no point in denying that LinkedIn is a big network of professionals by professionals for professionals in all forms of work and daily labor.

Musicians everyday need more and more options and places to scavenge for work if they are independent, in the case especially of those with mixing skills with a good studio set up at home or electronic/instrumental music production.

LinkedIn is among the 5 most used social networks of our current 2015-2016 period and it is starting to grow even larger as people is turning more often to finding a job online as a serious income or just having an extra small income.

In both cases LinkedIn has demonstrated a vast amount of options and forms of communication resulting in a network for outsourcing and scavenging talents, worth your while working with.

First of all a brief explanation of how it works, and how you can benefit from said social network.

Then we will give you some rules of thumb to set up a profile that looks and will be convincing professionally, what you should and should not do and how to market yourself to gain some prescience and eventually, find work.

What Exactly Is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community.

The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally.

A LinkedIn member’s profile page, which emphasizes employment history and education, has professional network news feeds and a limited number of customizable modules. Basic membership for LinkedIn is free. Network members are called “ connections” Unlike other free social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn requires connections to have a pre-existing relationship.

With basic membership, a member can only establish connections with someone he has worked with, knows professionally (online or offline) or has gone to school with.

As for you a musician, LinkedIn comes with a vast and powerful amount of professionals,
LinkedIn said in their last statistical research that 1 out of 3 professionals has an account.

You can find Marketing, Music Production, Promoting, graphic Designers, to even specific skills like Acoustic treatment sound engineers who will assists you with making a room appropriate for recording and mixing needs…But let us go more into detail with all the benefits.

LinkedIn Benefits For The Serious Musician


While LinkedIn might not be as big as say Facebook then, it is certainly rather large and when you consider the caliber of those who are on the site, it becomes clear that you and your business need to be here.

You will find a vast range of people who work in the music industry ranging form all levels of experience and quality, making connections is one of the hardships musicians have to face when starting off as you have to find people you feel comfortable working with.

Here is where LinkedIn kicks in, as it is based and designed to offer an advantage over this strategy.

Musicians know that they have to market their music to sell it, but there is another side of the coin… marketing to professionals to convince them, what we are trying to say is, your music is like your business card, it represents quality and originality of your work, you have to present it always as best a possible as this can engage a potential new addition to your current work force.

Being a musician also involves a great deal of organization and levels for every stage, starting from the fundraising for your very first album, all the way to your first big tour.

You need professionals to back you up with not only their sheer talent, also their connections.

Here is where we introduce to you the vision you should have about LinkedIn, it is like a woven web where “that one guy, knows another guy who has a friend that can help you” many musicians have flipped the coin for their professional career thanks to these helping hands and in this modern era of communication, where the internet is a huge sea for marketing and gaining recognition, it is also a place to make professional connections and take the next step in your artistic career.

As for marketing and features the social network offers here is a few points to keep in mind:

  • Contacts Organization: You can organize every single person you have ever worked with who have an account and administrate your current working force, your music team or even your band members.This all to keep in touch with them at any given moment, for example, the graphic designer you worked with made an amazing job last time with your album artwork but you do not know what happened to him after he moved away form your town.You might find him through LinkedIn and immediately be able to ask him if he is in the disposition to help you again or maybe recommend someone he knows.
  • Awareness & Brand Loyalty: Professionals do not flip as easily as fans, they need to see or hear quality and analyze it with a careful mindset, after all a good professional always considers the idea of getting involved and working with you in some form, once they pay attention is because they have a reason to.Maybe the professionals you reached out for are not your destined partners in crime but they will surely recommend friends in the same line of work.

Imagine you work with someone who grows big by the next two years now, someone starting off who really worked hard to make it to the top and others see that he worked with you & your band… what am I getting at? Loyalty and Awareness.

The nature of any successful individual is to try to take as many people who helped him in the road to go also as far as he did as a form of thankfulness and being able o keep his business relations with them.

The opposite can happen where you already work with someone who is a big shot in (marketing or distribution, or music selling methods exclusively to your genre or style) and just the fact he works with you for a few moments can be your big boost to achieve greatness, but of course, this would never happen in facebook or twitter…

  • Promoting: promoting yourself is a job of patience and being constant.LinkedIn in it’ nature is a world of professionals, they know that if you are there is because you are taking things seriously, and they take you even more seriously when they take a look at your profile and see that you have a website and some projects in hand.

All this starts sounding rather convincing, correct? It is, and it is not to be underestimated, so let us take the first step on how to open up an account and make sure we cover as much ground in our profile to suit the best image possible for us.


Setting Up A LinkedIn Account The Right WayNuovo-Linkedin_h_partb

Do never underestimate the power of image when it comes to social networks, social networks are a visual matter, when we see something that calls our attention we click on it to check it out and after that we take the next step to check more into detail the page or close it depending if we are interested or not.

So how do we start setting up a LinkedIn Profile?

It is a very strategic process so let us cover every point one by one and leave some suggestions for the very end of each, we recommend you to take your time and not rush the process as this will require your attention and your patience for a bit:

  • Your Headline: This is step 1, the first thing you will have to fill in and start sounding convincing, this is a short line that will list your job role and possibly your interests or your experience.

Here an example in case you do mixing and handle marketing online.

Professional Mixing & Mastering Quality With a Team For Internet Marketing

Delivering Quality, Earning The Attention you Deserve”

Add that last line at the end, make a business moto, or use your own, this is with the purpose that people will not only search you to hire or contract you, it is just to make them consider you a more trustworthy possibility.
Words have power and in the internet it is the second impression they will have of you, so far so good.

A good tip is to keep it simple, self-explanatory and professional, don’t make a funny statement (unless you are a comedian or related to their line of work) which is most probably not the case, sound as serious and direct as possible.

  • Your Summary: They are engaged and want to read more about you and immediately the first thing that pops into their head is “Oh, their summary!”Your summary has to be direct and professional, explaining in general terms what it is that you do and how long you have been doing it, if you have worked with someone who is very renowned or has a good share of success in his area, mention it.Giving a little background is for the best, mention achievements and mention what you have most recently worked in.Meanwhile you are writing and redacting it, please keep in mind the next aspects for a professional aspect:
  • No grammar mistakes.
  • Friendly, Professional tone to it.
  • Include both present and past projects along with any worthy to mention achievements.

In the case of a musician we want to know if you have collaborated with big names out there, or if you have performed at a music festival that has a lot of social recognition.

Imagine you are looking for someone to market you, once they read such a thing they are going to note it down and consider you a far more potential client for them because you have already a little social recognition, no need to start from zero.

  • “Experience” Section: The next section for you to fill out is your ‘experience’ where you add each of your different job roles and briefly highlight the skills that you learned working in those capacities.A good tip is do not add part time jobs or irrelevant jobs to the image you are trying to portray for others, including them is unnecessary.

At the same time, put down any job roles that helped you to develop the experience you have today. Remember, the rate you charge will be directly related to the experience you have in your industry, you have to prove you are worth what you charge, especially in the case of solo artists, composers or any solo related job in the industry that requires a good skill set, knowledge and/or experience.

After, give everything a good read and make sure all you have so far is coherent and clear, many people write these in a swoop and miss one or two important things to mention, you can avoid that right now.

You have the option list documents, photos, links and videos to back up what you say.

It is not necessary but it has been proven that if you have something to back up what you say the reader or professional individual inclines to working with you with even more ease.

You can organize and write your “experience” list in a word processing software and see what you do have evidence and what not of some sort in case they ask you and be ready.

  • Projects: You can Show off now…. no, really, you can!If you are currently working on a project with your whole band that means or has a lot to say just the fact you are doing it, here is where you list it.List any other things you or your band members are capable of doing professionally and showcase it with the best experiences you have had so far.
  • Skills & Endorsements: Here you can list all the skills that you have and all your areas of expertise. You do this by searching for keywords and this is one of the main ways in which potential clients and partners will find you.A great tip is not over-listing, try to keep just your must valuable skills but also the ones you are most proficient at, so if someone seeks you out for it you can actually offer a quality result.As a musician you can list all the instruments you are good at, or if you have composing skills, here is the place to list them.
  • Additional info & Honor Awards: You can also add additional information to your page such as your hobbies and interests, your personal details and ‘advice for contacting’. This is where you can make yourself sound human and give people the chance to connect on a more human level.As for the awards section you can showcase any achievements you or your band have achieved, add as much as you consider necessary.

Now that our profile is filled, you will see a bar that says “profile Strength” if it is full leave it the way it is, if it is not here are some useful tips to fill it out.

  • Your Profile Photo: If you have a good professional photo from a photoshoot with your band we advice you to use that one for the profile picture, if not you can use your band logo but preferably upload one with your band.This way people will be able to see you and gain even more trust, remember the whole point of constructing a good profile is looking convincing and portraying your professionalism towards them and what you offer.

Ensure that the photo looks friendly and approachable but at the same time professional.

Alright, the next step now that our profile is semi-complete is adding keywords, we do not do this from the very beginning so that you would focus in the content you were writing and not your online presence.

What do we mean? Keywords are the most looked up phrases or specific words they will find you through in google and LinkedIn, If in your profile description you added “ sound Engineer with experience in Acoustic Treatment for Large studios, focused on Recording a Whole Orchestra” and people type in google “acoustic treatment for orchestra recording” Your profile will pop up automatically along with all the other people who are in the same line of work.

You may want to rewrite or reorganize some of your information now, it is not always necessary, and in very very rare cases do people need to rewrite everything so just look at your profile and read it carefully and try to see any places where you can rearrange the information to become more “searchable” for others.

It’s important not to ‘overdo’ the insertion of keywords as this will make your text seem awkward to read, damaging the impression that you’ll make on your visitors.

Choosing Your Keywords
There is a vast world of searches out there… you want to pick the ones that are most useful to you, do not just type in “musician” make it more tasty and personal “musician focused in progressive Jazz” and the likelihood they might stumble with you raises higher.
To come up with functional keywords here are some suggestions:

  • Specifics: as the example we gave you a few moments ago try to define what it is that you do in the most specific way, and how you think others would look it up.
  • No more than 6 words: google statistical research team said that most searches do not extend further than 6 specific words.

Your profile is all set, check that you have added all your personal achievements, and go over it carefully, you can ask someone to read it and give you their opinion if it is or not missing some aspect.

Next is a company Page, in our case it is a Band page in which we will not include your personal information, if you made the account for your whole band then you do not require this step but if you set up an independent profile you can take this step to have a sort of second account focused to your band or musical project.

In both cases you will still attract the attention with the keywords and the professional look so far so do not overthink this too much, we still suggest you read this part and not skip it as you might find some additions you can add to your current profile.

A Company Page

LinkedIn company pages help build brand awareness by providing a channel to promote your products and services to customers and prospects.

Create Your Company Page with Conversions in Mind

  • To create a LinkedIn page that works for you and your band or musical project, follow these guidelines:
  • Be thorough, and use all of the tools you have available to you: This means filling out all of the fields about your company, and including a banner image and logo. For ideas on how to get creative with copy and visual elements, check out your competitors’ company pages.
  • Treat your LinkedIn page as a marketing vehicle: Many businesses treat their LinkedIn profiles as an extension of the About Us sections on their website. If you think of it as a marketing and sales tool, you’ll be more successful in getting visitors to click through to your website. Speak to your target audience the same way you would in any of your marketing materials.

Once your LinkedIn profile is set up and you have created your Company Page, the next thing you need to do is to start growing your personal network. As mentioned before, this will create countless new opportunities to promote your business, to find business partners and to gain clients – among many other things. We’re looking at this first rather than marketing because marketing on LinkedIn will be that much easier once you have built up a large network.

Creating Connections: Your First Step

After the arduous conversation of setting up your outstanding profile we will finally approach the first big dive into the sea of LinkedIn, as we mentioned this is to facilitate your marketing, by a lot, trust me.

There are two methods on how to reach out connections with professionals, let us take a look at them:

  1. Reach Out: the very first method is that of reaching out individuals you are interested in working with, in LinkedIn you will find several individuals that have had remarkable work experiences.Let’s say you know the name of the manager for one of your favorite bands and would like to contact him, look him up and add him, send him a formal message explaining why you are adding him and your interest.In many cases he/she might even recommend someone in his line of work who could help you, and it will surely be someone with achievements as remarkable as his own.Also it comes into play the pride & Joy of LinkedIn, you can add people from all your other social networks and phone book, let us imagine you went to school with a very famous laywer’s family member, if you add that classmate the opportunity to contact the lawyer will show up in LinkedIn if both of them use the social network, of course.Here is where you can take advantage, as musicians have to be also very social when they ake connections to find the right people to work with, LinkedIn can hide a door behind every person you have ever socialized with.
  2. Inviting Others: You might hit the lucky jack pot by inviting your friends to try the network out, especially if they are looking into jobs or work related matters.invite your followers and friends to connect via e-mail marketing, Twitter or Facebook. This is a good strategy because these people are already your fans and have already decided to follow you: thus they will likely be more receptive to an offer to join on LinkedIn.

At last, whenever you meet someone, in a business interview, in your studio, another musician or artistic matters related individual who you would like to stay in contact with ask them if they use LinkedIn and if possible to connect with you for near future business.

The Rapportive Tool

Rapportive is an incredibly important tool that you can use to increase your connections.

Rapportive is a plugin that you use with Gmail and which can then show you the LinkedIn profile of anyone who messages you,this makes Rapportive a fantastic tool in many ways. Not only does Rapportive ensure that you can find out who someone is when they propose doing business but it also gives you the significant advantage of being able to add them as a contact right then and there rather than having to remember to do it later.

If someone contacts you to suggest working with you, or even if you contact them, this puts you at the forefront of their mind and thus gives you the opportunity to reach out to them.

The rapportive tool has other significant Alternatives which some offer more specific tools and options.

These are:

  • Sidekick by HubSpot: Sidekick is a popular Contact discovery tool (The same as rapportive) developed by HubSpot and makes it easier for you to learn more about the contacting person through their social profiles. You can also choose to track your sent Emails once this extension is installed in your Chrome browser.
  • Full Contact for Gmail: One of the best extensions for Chrome Users out there, on a personal level, I’ve found this tool to be extremely powerful and a true replica of Rapportive’s abilities.It also includes a ‘Notes’ section to add user-specific information and also features the ability to sync contacts across mobile devices using Google contacts.

How To Talk To Them

You may or may have not already found a couple of interesting faces out there in LinkedIn, but you might have one huge question in your mind, How can I Approach them? What do I say?

Let’s give you some ideas shall we?

  • Handpick them: Filter all your decision and pick the people you would like to work with the most even if you are aiming too high from your usual expectations, you don’t have anything to lose if you just send a message.
  • Be Polite: If you’re getting in touch with someone over LinkedIn, make sure you’re polite and professional. It’s all well and good making the effort to reach out to individuals – but if you’re a bit slap dash about it you’ll find yourself being ignored. So introduce yourself properly and remember that you’re talking to a potential employer – not a friend.
  • Don’t Pester: You received a “no” for an answer? That’s it, move on to the next, if you keep insisting on working with them it’s like standing in the middle of an office yelling “give me a job” they will just ignore you… or call the cops if you actually go to their office. Out of jokes, you have to back off, for a very good reason, if you want to contact them again in a few years and now you do meet their expectations they won’t have the bad memory of seeing a message from you every day, instead they might even feel happy for seeing that you are attempting again after earning some more experience to your career.
  • Custom Connect Invitation: If there’s something that could be really beneficial to you then make sure you customize your invite to connect. LinkedIn makes a generic one which says “I’d like to add you to my Professional Network on LinkedIn” but it does not have the desired impact obviously! so it doesn’t exactly scream that you’ve put loads of effort in! Try and write a personalized message that states who you are and the reason why you’re looking to connect.

Finally… Marketing!

Once you’ve put all this time and effort into growing your list of LinkedIn connections, want to consider about how you can use them to market your music and your band.
This is where ‘influencer marketing‘ comes in – a relatively new term in the world of internet marketing but also one of the most powerful and important strategies that you have available to you.

What is Influencer Marketing?

influencer marketing means that you’re going to stop trying to reach as wide an audience as possible with your marketing and instead you’re going to focus on the quality of the audience you market to. This might mean focusing on one individual and getting them to retweet or promote something you have to say.

That’s it, that’s the reason you have been building all these blocks of professionals and we insist you aim as high as you possibly can…. Surprise!! Now let’s get to work.

We already showed you some basic rules on how to talk to them and being selective about , but now comes engaging them into working with you, calling even more their attention… how?

You need to be careful about how you get in touch. Once you’ve made the connection, try to manage that connection by congratulating them on birthdays etc. and by sharing content they might find interesting

A great way to get one step closer is to tell them you admire your work and that you would very much enjoy or appreciate if they could check you out, or even give you some advice! Don’t be afraid to ask!

If the contact becomes interested ask if there is a way to meet in person this will decide things once and for all.

If it is not possible to meet face to face, you can hold a video call with them and talk a little about your project, before you do that try to figure out if they are doing something else, what have they achieved recently and congratulate them for anything you consider substantial to their career.

This way you have a conversation starter, one at your favor as they will have to say “thank you” and keep the conversation with you for manners and education.

As we said earlier, be direct and don’t spin around the subject too much, tell them that you would like to work with them, if they are marketing then tell them about how you want your new album to be a bomb, if they are music producers tell them how much you would like to record in their studio and take the next step in your quality.

It doesn’t matter who it is, what matters is building their trust and interest overall, these are and have always been the foundations to a successful working relationship.

Once this has been established they are the ones who will contact you or tell you right in the moment if they are interested or not, business will develop and well.. one thing will take to another and eventually take you to the next step you want to reach.

Content Marketing: Another form to market yourself

Lucky you! Two fancy terms in one day.. Influencer marketing is very convincing right? But that is not all there is to it, the next form of marketing exclusive to linkedin is Content Marketing

content marketing is somewhat considered as the natural evolution of search engine optimization and is now an integral part of almost every business’ marketing strategy

content marketing is all about offering value to your visitors through your blog. Essentially, you’re going to add lots of new content to your blog or website and you’re going to make sure that it provides real value to your LinkedIn network.

For your contacts to see this content you have to share your blog or website on your LinkedIn profile or even list it on your profile description.

You want it to be entertaining, engaging, interesting, and useful

Talk about thing you are knowledge-able: Most probably the people checking your shares in linkedin will be professionals you have connected with, if they see you know about your workfield and you know how to do your job that is convincing to anyone.

You would be seen as an “authority figure” as your knowledge expands miles farther from the average person, let me give you an example; you are a guitar player but you specialize in the history of your instrument and you share every thing related and write about it in a constant basis.

You share something unusual or you even discover something yourself and that is a window of opportunity to get the attention of a good handful of professionals who might be more interested in you.

Content Marketing is about entertaining a quality audience, with a quality material, we could say it is “fighting fire with fire”

How Often Should I Post in LinkedIn

To keep this quality audience entertained and gaining their trust you have to consider they are also busy out there in the real world, so how often do they really sit down to check what is new?

If you saturate them with to much they might start ignoring your posts, so keep a god rate, a rate that earns attention slowly and share, as we said, the best quality you can offer.

Share also updates on your band, your studio album, yourself, anything that can make the relationship between you and your connections more personal and direct.

It is that simple, as we are not attempting to reach for a common fan, but professionals, put yourself in their shoes as much as possible and imagine what would you do.

We have covered about every aspect within the LinkedIn social media network.

Our last piece of information fro you is their Advertisement offer.

LinkedIn Ads

Finally, you have LinkedIn Ads. And what these are is essentially a PPC network (Pay Per Click) that works similarly to Facebook or Google AdWords.

You’ll generally only pay a few cents for each click but the more you pay, the more often your ad will appear. You also set a minimum daily budget, with the minimum being set at $10.

This is very effective because it means you don’t have to pay anything if your ad is ineffectual and doesn’t generate any traffic whatsoever. Likewise, again like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, LinkedIn allows you to carefully target whosees your ads and this is fantastic for B2B organizations as it lets you specifically market to decision makers within your industry.

Of course the exposure you receive in comparison to Facebook is rather smaller but keep in mind the quality of the people you are reaching out with it and that your main marketing target, is professionals.


LinkedIn’s success keeps growing for any professional out there, you as a musician can also make very valuable connection through the methods we deliver you and we expect you do, as it is an opportunity that offers many many rewards.

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