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Music & Album Release Marketing Checklist

Over 100 tips put together in a structured Process

Music Marketing Checklist

What It Is, Benefits & Effectiveness

Why would you need a music marketing checklist? Or even a checklist at all? First of all, you are a recording artist-not a marketer, but that does not mean you are left out of the equation, in fact, marketing yourself is one of the first big steps that you have to take but it isn’t a simple set of stages, there will be many variations and no marketing campaign or promotional campaign is the same as the last one, or can be compared.

The functionality of having a checklist to your disposition will help you to be able to stare at a wall or have it in your hands and read every step of every stage with the proper guidance, avoiding you forget something, as many steps require organization and crucial timing.

This checklist will be, not only a set of actions and steps for your career, but in the long run it will be the foundation and skeleton to complete takeover to set your brand as high as you possibly can, this book is written with the purpose of helping indie artists how to use online marketing as a powerful tool and how it can be even enjoyable and rewarding if well done.

We want you to be able to relax at the end and say “that was worth all the effort

music marketing

My number one goal of this book is to put an end such marketing by musicians and hopefully get some of you guys to a much high level of success”

How you are Marketing right now & How it should REALLY look like

This is how your marketing plan probably looks like right now:

  • There is no strategy at all
  • You’re losing potential fans? How?
  • People may listen to your music but you have no what to follow up with them once their done
  • People are watching your videos and you have no way to continue to send the more videos in the future
  • There is an end goal, but how will the you get there?

This is how your plan should look like after finishing this program:

  • You have a plan from beginning to end
  • You have a real strategy in place
  • Your objectives will be clear
  • You will manage your resources better
  • Your priorities will make more sense
  • You have a process you can repeat over and over again
  • It is being used by thousands of professional internet marketing professionals right now!

Rethinking the Process of Music Marketing

It’s The Smart Decision


After reading this book you should see your music as a tool to monetize an experience, with value and not just give it away for free attempting to amass followers by “freebies”. There is a very important aspect about marketing in general and it is that money comes at the very end, it requires patience a good structure and good timing for your decisions.
The reason there are so many successfully marketed musicians out there is no secret and there is no magical formula, it is simply given by the fact they took the right structure and didn’t skip a single scenario. You need to have a system in place to not only bring awareness to your music, but to also capture those listeners that actually like your music and want more.

There are many names for it but we will call it Music Marketing checklist and fill you out with every aspect you need to know.

 What Is The Music Marketing Sales Checklist

The Music Marketing Checklist is the foundation of the Music Marketing Takeover Program. Think of it as a skeleton and everything else you will learn will be the muscle we will attach to that skeleton.

In more simple terms, the steps that a potential fan takes from the time they develop an awareness of your music to the point where they actually buy something from you, and that is the main step here besides making money at the very end, we want to make others aware that you exist and what you are doing.

They may have seen someone share a post about you on Facebook, saw you as an opening act, read an interview, watched your music video, or just heard about you from a friend. It’s those instances where people will generally take the first step and integrate themselves in oyur music marketing checklist.
Two great examples of musicians who have implemented this process and mindset to organize themselves and grow huge fame for their names are:


He created a tribute song for Seattle Sportscaster Dave Niehaus which created a major boots of fans that were sent into his music marketing checklist. These new fans may have never heard of him before that song, but that created the awareness for these people to gravitate to more of his content. Once these fans engaged Macklemore on a relationship building platform in the form of a like, follow, or email they were not captured for further relationship building. This gave Macklemore the ability to continue to reach out, send new music, and continue to build their relationship.

Matthew Ebel:

fdsA singer from the Boston area was able to generated 26.3% of his revenue from 40 loyal paying fans. These fans are what you will find at the end of a Music Marketing Checklist because the relationship has been established and they will support the musician to no end.

Not Convinced? Let me show you a breakdown in detail of another indie artist who started from nothing and used a Music Marketing Checklist to bring herself the attention and brand name to an exponential power.




Julia Nunes

Julia Nunes is a musician that has used a music marketing checklist to her advantage in many different ways as we will display below. What she did was build a massive network of fans and check listed them down to the most serious fans that wanted to eventually see her perform live.


An Analysis of what Julia Nunes Music Marketing Checklist:

Below is an example of a marketing checklist to give you a more visual perspective.




Planning Stage: Unmentioned

  • Which isn’t stated but is a very important process when setting up your music marketing checklist? Planning should be a major focus before jumping into a process such as creating a checklist which can make or break your upcoming marketing campaign.

    Please See :

  • Music marketing Checklist – Planning Stage
  • Music Marketing Resources Guide

 Top of Your Music Marketing Checklist:

Get Content to Potential Fans and Created Awareness

  • In this day and age there are countless ways to create awareness for your music. The main goal of this part of the checklist is to attract potential fans to enter your music marketing checklist.
  • You want to offer as much valuable content as possible for free. Free meaningful content such as music (of course), videos, contest/prizes, etc.
  • You’re fans need to know you are out there and the best way to do this is giving them regular content to consume.
  • Call to action methods. Don’t be afraid to ask people to download or consume your music. Just posting a link and not tell them what to do next hurts you more then you realize.

Middle of Music Marketing Checklist:

Sent out enough content to engage fans and keep them interested

  • You will learn in this program that having regular content will be a very important part of building a list of fans and maintain that list for the rest of your career.
  • It’s not only important to give away free content, but keeping the content going to keep fans in the checklist excited and entertained.

Those same fans are now subscribers and want more content

  • The focus at the point of the checklist is to keep the fans you have in it engaged and motivated to want to move to the next stage which would be buying.

 Bottom of Checklist:

  • Some of those fans that want more content are willing to pay for it now
    You know have qualified the people that will not only be paying fans, but loyal fans.
  • Some fans love her music so much they will book her at their homes
    This is taking marketing to a higher level by doing house parties which is more of a gig than anything else. This is a great revenue stream a lot of indie musicians overlook
  • Demand is so great from her fan base she doesn’t need a manager
    when you have demand such as this you really have to get your fan base to work for you and help you obtain new fans. To help with accomplishing this you will want to give prizes or exclusives out to fans that refer fans, but in most cases fan will refer their friends to your music naturally

Music Marketing Checklist

Building Blocks And Truly Understanding It

The image in the next page is a representation of your music marketing, shaped in a funnel as to express that not every one will be a successfully earned fan, in fact the ones you earn will be very valuable and are a small percentage of the whole system.

Julia’s system for her marketing checklist is a set of blocks as you just read, and has a structure that transcends in between stages, never assuming that she would earn money from the beginning she focused on first attracting the possible buyers and listeners for her work.

Today we have the blessing of not having to approach all our audience through one method (which is very important to keep in mind and apply to our checklist as we will approach media)

Allow us now to explain the pyramid and how it is structured so that you can conceptualize this when you make your very own marketing checklist:

  • Top Part: This is the fan acquisition stage and the largest one, use PR (public relations) and marketing tactics to catch your audience attention.
  • Middle Part: Here you will approach your current audience attention to convert them to potential fans or possible buyers of your upcoming album, using tactics to acquire emails and integrate yourself to their daily social life.
  • Bottom Part: Where the pyramid tapers off, you have customers who know about you, like you and your art, and are inching ever closer to becoming ardent fans of your musical talent.



Model Of A Real World Music Marketing Checklist

Notice how many stages there were between “the first listening” and “made a purchase”? And also observe that the music marketing checklist didn’t begin with “the first listening” but with a form of social media interaction from Facebook. Why? Because that was a realistic example of how people find new music online in a lot of cases. Take a few moments and compare that to the first music marketing checklist I showed you earlier. The first example a music marketing checklist there is only one chance for you to not only make someone a fan, but only one chance to get them to buy something from you. In the second example you’ll notice that there are many different stages where someone can just kind of skip ahead and buy something from you without any pressure at all.


Not all of your fans will go through every stage of the music marketing checklist that I will show you how to create which is a good thing. That means they came to the conclusion that your music was good enough for them to buy it sooner rather than later. Some people may buy your music after the first listening which is rare or won’t buy for weeks or months on end which is a little bit of the norm now days.

The whole point of designing a music marketing checklist is that it creates the best way to market and sell your music. It allows you to purposely fashion a process that inspires more people to buy your music in a structured environment. It also allows you to have a visual of the process, you’ll be able to catch opportunities while their hot and stages where you can give a push to a potential group of fans to.

Not all of your fans will go through every stage of the music marketing checklist that I will show you how to create which is a good thing. That means they came to the conclusion that your music was good enough for them to buy it sooner rather than later, the whole point of designing a music marketing checklist is that it creates the best way to market and sell your music. It allows you to purposely fashion a process that inspires more people to buy your music in a structured environment.

Without further delay, allow us to approach this methodical structure and set you on your way to extend, reach, approach and engage as many people as you can to convert them into potential fans, and finally reap the rewards.

Plan, Organize And Create Your Own Action Plan For Success


Having the right guidance is a crucial aspect for any artist, musician or businessman, let alone when it comes to selling your product, or in our case your music, merchandise and/or tickets for your upcoming concert.

We will Subdivide all aspects to be considerate and at the end of each leave a useful checklist for you to start marking what you have left to do and what you have successfully done.

When it comes down to Marketing in music business terms there is a lot of ground to cover and many aspects to consider outside of the marketing box, including your own health, your personal matters and how you will integrate all this factors into your everyday life.

This will be focused in both, beginner and intermediate artists who are seeking the bases on a detailed concept of how they should organize, plan, come up with strategical concepts and conform as a whole their marketing strategy and have a higher rate of possible success.

We will also include a valuable set of aspects to take note of if you are specifically working on marketing your album release along with the general concepts of marketing as they go hand by hand and in both cases you will or might require most of the steps to be mentioned..

So where do we start? We will begin with the planning and a concept to follow up when you consider planning..



Idealizing An Action Plan For Your Marketing Strategy




This are a set of concepts to keep in mind, we could say more like a step by step process to apply to your marketing planning:

  • Vision & Mission: The most important part of any process and action we take is the reason why we do it and what we imagine the result to be like, so that is exactly what you will do with every aspect of your marketing campaign and album release final results.Let your imagination fly, let your own mind portray what it is that you want most to achieve and you will find your goal along with the benefits it will have, for example, if it your album released you might picture hearing it everywhere or seeing it in every music store you access to, and growing a far large fan base that supports your art form from the bottom of their hearts, your goal can even be to reach people and inspire them to follow their dreams, who know, a goal and a dream go hand by hand most of the times.After you have a clear picture of what your vision is you will approach your Mission, this will be your philosophical though, a 1 line short statement “I will have the greatest hit song ready to market next year” Making a clear statement of your dream is a motivator that you can not let slip by, this will prove your determination to yourself and keel fueling your “determination tank” to not give up.
  • Objective & Strategy: Objective refers to what you want to achieve within each step that will eventually lead you to your goal a good example of a goal for our album marketing is “I will get my marketing team by next month” or “I will learn music marketing online with social networks in two months from now” As you can see both state a time limit and a single factor hat is beneficial to our music marketing campaign, and both come with an additive valuable skill set to be added to you or for you to learn and exploit its potential.

    The strategy aspect is a simple concept but requires a lot of planning as it is how you will approach your objective and realize it, for example in the music marketing online sentence we handled you, how would you actually learn it? Reading articles online or asking someone famous you know who has the talent in social media marketing?For a proper strategy to work you will need to take several considerations into your hands, Metaphorically, imagine you are in a road with 10 different paths, each one you only know a couple of things about it, and there are different challenges within each you have to make yourself aware about, some of them might require you to set camp and learn a skill before walking forward and some just might require patience, what we are trying to say is to develop your capacity to look ahead the situation a little and assess which would be the best road to be taken for you and your current capacities.
  • Action Plan: The action plan is like a building, you have your Vision & Mission as the grounding to start construction process and the materials to construct it are your Objective and strategy, it is the detailed idea of how you are going to put everything together, in our case which is music marketing you have to include each stage and the challenges the stage represents in general or to you or your band.This aspects may be budget concerned or directly patience and time related as marketing stages require patience to develop and structure in an efficient manner.

This concept is an applicable planning concept that has been used in several matters, as you can see it is applicable to almost any situation that requires some proper structure or correct ideals.

Having this conceptual idea of planning we can now approach Music marketing stages and what structures them, as we mentioned we will include a short Checklist for you to start marking down each of them for every method or concept involved.

During your process of reading and understanding we strongly suggest you imagine how you would integrate the steps we mentioned for your action plan and try to categorize what belongs in each, if you can’t do not worry it is not essential and in the most important ones we will clarify that for you,

Without further delay, let us begin the journey to planning your success…!

First Planning Stage

Number In Green Rounded Square clip art


The three types of marketing & 4 Major considerations to take note of…
The first approach we want you to have for your marketing planning stage is to know what “kind” of marketing concepts musicians handle.

It is better to subdivide marketing this way as some aspects we will mention in a few moments will either only apply to one of these or all of them, they are:


  • Traditional Media: The oldies but the classics, radios, magazines, television, and commercials, these always take time and even connections, so your setback of preparation should be 3-4 months before your album release.
  • New Media: Born from our new media technological era (blogs, MP3 blogs, podcasts, video podcasts, and websites) these require immediacy before and after you release your album.
  • Social Media: Social media are promotional outlets built on word-of-mouth as documented over the web and mobile platforms including sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media is all about what’s happening now, this is a process that should happen all the time from the moment you announce it until the hype is gone, being consistent about it is the key.

Imagine all three of them as the corners to a triangle, each one can be expanded further and it will create a wider space, the method to grow it is by reaching new fans with these subdivisions.

Promotion and marketing are time sensitive, so our process will be based on the time we count with and help you organize yourself within given time frames.

Here are our time parameters:

  • Twelve to four months Until Release: Album Planning & Production
  • 4 months to 3 months until release: Album preparation
  • 3 months to 2 months until release: Reaching Out traditional Media.
  • 2 months to 1 month until release: The Radio Campaign
  • 1 month until release: Reaching Out To New Media
  • The day of Release
  • Post-release.

Having a whole year as a time gap might seem like a lot of time, but honestly it is barely enough, you will be able to cover many aspects this way and your organization will not depend on any form of random factors as you will be able to keep better control of every situation.
We will mention at what time gap you are at the end of every phase so that you can also implement the checklist necessities along with the general marketing and album release tactics, so for now we will be at the Twelve to four months

Until Release: Album Planning & Production.

Most of it is planning and there are 4 major sets of considerations and need-to-dos you will have to cover at the careful rate of the next 8 months.

Fundamental Stage: Clear Goal

Having a clear goal or a specific goal is the most important fundamental for your marketing campaign, and this is an ironclad rule no matter what it is you are marketing!

As you may have realized many musicians today focus on releasing music to go viral and there is nothing really wrong with that, but a clear, specific goal with a message even, can make your whole campaign more attractive for the consumer, in our case for new fans to check out.

Stage 1 Of Major Considerations: Building your Brand, Image & Music

Building a brand refers to making you and your music identifiable by a number of unique factors including style and ideology, We leave a good list of questions to answer to yourself that will orient you to finding the best path for the authenticity and originality you need to seek for, our best recommendation is to try to keep them one sentence short:

  • Describe what your music represents in one sentence.
  • Who do you ultimately represent with the music you make?
  • How do people outside of your loyalist fans perceive your music?
  • Describe your teams (as in the people helping and supporting your promotions in any way) internal culture in one short sentence.
  • How many people do you feel right now would be able to point you or your logo out?
  • Who would you say are your primary fans (group of people)?


Stage 2 Of Major Considerations: Understand Your Fans

Here we will consider how to drive ore traffic into our website whether it is from loyal fans or from new curious ones that go check us out you need to consider the next aspects as they will be the most helpful in the New Media and Social Media subdivisions of marketing.

The questions are intended so that you also start making your current fan base aware that in a year from now you will be releasing your new album, this considering you are recording it or in the post-production process we highly recommend that you use this opportunity to take a whole year for a proper marketing concept where you cover everything and start generating awareness, Specially in social networks from right this very moment:

  • How many fans do you have right now? Is the number increasing, staying the same or declining? If you do not know check in each of them which has had the most activity, where you have had most success sharing content and receiving a response and in which ones they look for you the most.
  • Do you have any tool that is measuring how many fans are visiting your website or monitoring your social performance per month or other time period? If you do not, find one or try to pay for a third party website if you have the budget for it, remember it is for the sake of estimating an activity rate for the next 8 months you will spend preparing your fans for the big deal.
  • Where are your fans physically located? Most tools will include a location market, even if you do not have one, most social networks show your general worldwide map with some form of activity registration for you to check out, usually this is in options or analytics, another way you can get an idea is just posting a question and letting your fans answer but this would take a long time to read if you already have a large fan base.
  • Do you have a Mailing list? And if so, do fans know how to access to it or join through a blog, or website you own? We strongly suggest that if you do not have a mailing list you open one as it is a very good tool especially for your marketing, you can send a huge amount of offers and if (hopefully) our fanbase grows large enough you can transform it in your very own personal V.I.P fans club with a members (only if you have a good 50,000+ thousand fans and worthy reasons for them to pay) but for now, we suggest you start amassing their mails and be prepared for their inquiries about your album in later stages.It is for your best to also set up a system of auto response for the mailing list, a good option is Aweber

Stage 3 Of Major Considerations: Increase fan participation

This aspect you will have to consider it in every time gap and stage of your marketing plan, the reason why is because this will lead your fans to sharing your content all over the web, and also spreading the word among friends and potential fans.

Today many artists gain recognition by this method only by asking others to share and care.

This questions regard mostly for Social networks and internet as it is the one you will have most control of in the early stages of marketing:

  • Do your fans share your music and posts on social media? Do fans comment on your music and post on social media? How many shares, likes, and re-tweets are you getting every time you post something online?

The best way to increase this three and pretty much the same method is first you reaching out to them, in the internet marketing world there is a very famous phrase for stating a truth not many realize, and this is specially for musicians and people with social influence it goes…

It’s never about you, you do not matter at all, it is about them, they are everything” In marketing people are not dumb, they know you are trying to sell but still listen as they are curious by nature, if you convince them that they like it, or they feel convinced about it, they do not give it a second thought, they reach out for it, in terms of music marketing this is a bit more in depth as you also have to keep them interested as it is not a product what your selling, it’s your life’s work and your dedication.

So the method is simple, talk to them, send private messages, start asking for honest opinions, give them sneak peaks to your new work, everything that might concern them use it to interact with them, start building the thrill for hearing the whole album from right now!

Stage 4 Of Major Considerations: Build Thought leadership

Developing an authority within a genre of music in the form of leadership can help establish your brand and overall reputation.

Is your music gaining traction? Don’t just look at stats and data. Scrutinize the performance of your music release and content you post over time:

  • Are other musicians sharing your music?
  • Do other musicians or artist engage with you via social media?
  • Do you get music media blogs/reporters request for interviews?
  • Do you get requests to work with or contribute with other musicians or artist?

Great! We have reviewed all the 4 considerations aspects for your marketing planning, and hopefully you have already learned something new out of all this.

Now it is time for us to give you the first checklist, as we have finished this section, the checklist give you general ideas and concepts to apply, we suggest that you try to fill them out, all them as they are successful marketing techniques that have been used in this time gap period by many musicians and you never know, one of them could be the one to launch you to fame, of course they require time, so select the most appealing ones, and the ones you feel you can achieve and exploit at your best capacity, this are also foundation concepts for every marketing subdivision that might help for later stages, we will mention which ones can benefit what, so do not worry about that!

(This will always be on a separate page for you to be able to focus and keep order)

Twelve to four months Until Release: Album marketing Planning & Setup

Building Content  

Start seeking forms to build online content and write small summaries of what the album is about and the message behind it.



Photos & Video


Start taking photos, during your most recent gigs and mostly inside the recording or rehearsal studio, this is material you will use in all stages for multiple purposes, not only marketing.


Brand Image


Get your band or yourself a website if you do not have one or a logo, this will help with marketing as you can direct them to your website and there have all the social networks you use at their disposition.


Band Biography


You will need a good biography with a professional edition for bloggers, and even magazines or article writers to use to summarize who you are.

Dates for updates  

If you are going to launch a video ( and we will specify when is your best option later for now just keep this in mind) or any other material that is for your marketing needs and expansion, you will need to set very specific dates for each.



Start finding out how much every service you select for marketing will charge for your needs and have an extra back up in case you want to change things a little


Studio Budget In case you haven’t even recorded your album, we highly suggest to have a budget ready for extra costs or musicians the studio will offer you to suit your needs




If you are considering crowdfunding, now is the time to start the process especially if you are planning to use the money for your promotion and marketing campaign.


Share Online  

With your current fan base (and even if you do not have any) start building the hype, show them a rough mix or small audio notes of 10 or 15 seconds to start gathering opinions and engaging their interest.


Press kit update  

If you do not have a press kit, get one! This helps to generate interest and can be updated at any moment of your marketing process, if you do not know how to put a good press kit together, look at the ones other independent artists have and this will give you a good concept of what you could do.


Announce it  

In your gigs or anywhere you perform tell others you are up to releasing a new album “in a few months from now” and check your social networks


Who do I need? Here is a big check you need! Who is the people who will collaborate? Do you need a photographer? A designer? A music team? A manager? A publicist? Start checking   what kind of professionals other musicians integrate during the marketing process, right now it is the perfect phase for you to learn and you have plenty of time to expand your contacts and let them know that there is future work for them with you.







Merchandise designer  

A good place to start meeting people is merchandise designers or independent designers who might be interested in working with you.




A good place to meet your professional contacts is LinkedIn, we can’t go into extreme detail but it is a social network for independent professionals and it is used by millions, trust me, you will find what you are looking for



Remember all this checklist items are focused right now in gathering and acknowledging the individuals who will participate, the most important rule in marketing for it to be successful, (and by successful we mean huge!) is having the cooperation from other professionals who work in the music media business.

Use this stage to know others and get professional contacts added to your list, recognize the skills you will need assistance with and when, we also insist, you have a budget concept and prepare yourself economically, as the one resource that runs faster in marketing is money itself.

Second Planning Stage

Interact, Engage & First Steps Of Your Action Plan…

This stage corresponds the next 2 time subdivisions:

  • 4 months to 3 months until release: Album preparation
  • 3 months to 2 months until release: Reaching Out traditional Media.

This will be 2 months, in which you will focus the first month in setting up your album for all media (by setting up we refer to preparing all the stuff media will petition you) and the second month will be dedicated so that you notify, local newspapers with a section in music to show case you and make appointments for radio stations to talk how you could promote your music with them, although these two are together and not separate as both are basically interacting all the time with each other, what we mean is, in case a radio show or some form of traditional marketing petitions you to give them material that you set up in your album preparation that you did not include, you have to go back to this step.

The objective of this stage right now, is exactly to avoid having to be unprepared in any case scenario, we will cover common and uncommon requested methods, here is a useful list of traditional media:

  • Radio (Try to look for a radio station that plays music similar to yours or that would be willing to cooperate to promote you)
  • Newspaper (small section on your local newspaper could work!)
  • T.V (spots, interviews & Videos)
  • Music Magazines

We could say that this are your concerns towards the marketing subdivisions for now, we will set them up also in the checklist to remind you to look them up and investigate what you have at your reach, so do not worry for now.
There is a second concern now to address besides contacting as much traditional media as possible, and that is fan interaction to notify them that the hype is almost over, and that in 4 months from now, the album will be released, we say “concern” as you will have to add a tactical set of “attention gathering and engaging techniques” into your marketing, do not worry we will see this shortly and give you the best advice we can on each, as of today, there are millions of potential fans that can be reached through marketing campaigns, but the number one issue, is that there is always competition and an unprepared marketeer wounds up losing a lot!

The way to approach them is a simple word…


Content subdivides in quality, quantity and market-wise, if you upload one that contains all three of them it is great for you as your fans may have what they might qualify as a potential source to start nurturing a spark of curiosity!

this content that will draw potential fans into our attention spot, and prepare them for the next stage of music marketing which will be building a fan/artist relationship further. Before you can build a relationship with a potential fan you have to find away to maintain communication with them over a long period of time.

Common types of functional content are:

  • Initiating a conversation with fans: not the same way as before to show them the album but to ask them for honest opinions or if they have anything to share with you now is the chance it is for the best that you do a Q&A too via a Livestreaming service or a Network like Facebook where you can see everyone’s questions, and answer potentially as many as possible.
  • Free Stuff & Online Quality crafting: Many bands use this tactic to kill two birds with one stone, and it is rather effective! How it works is you just simply need to make posts offering a contest for free stuff, mention that it is a celebration for your upcoming album and you are going to be holding a weekly giveaway with different items, you understand that the engagement process is going to turn out constant now right? They will be checking every week the updates and will make it a regular to check out your social networks, therefore the day you release your album the probability they see it raises.Quality crafting simply refers to making said competition posts with professional look to them, and give away quality not quantity, even an autograph or two, adding the “originality” factor to your post really up brings its attention a lot.
  • Incorporate fan testimonials: this is mostly for media requester, of course at first big media companies won’t really reach you out but if you are lucky enough or this is not your first album, there is the probability some big fish has seen your work by now, independent or big leagues in media, they both ask from time to time for fan testimonials, don’t worry we will include in checklist for you.

Non-media or fan related concerns are also to take into consideration such as:

  • Definite Album release date: Now is the perfect time for you to sit down with your band and estimate a good date for the release of your album, we want you to first consider it , give it a good thought for a week and have vision about the event, try to estimate at least four months from now as we will explain why later on, but the basics is because media can take it’s time spreading the word and you want to use the media subdivisions and different proximity times from the date you select.
  • Release Event: Consider an Album release event, the same day you release it make a gig or a party where you play all the songs with your band and have a great time, you have to also invite into this party all locals who helped you and ask them to share connections with you if they feel you have the potential.
  • Receive the CD: You are going to need the Mp3’s for the radio and other internet marketers to use and market you! Correct? Don’t start making appointments until you have the CD on your hands! Then, you can start making calls and knocking doors.
  • Update your Press Kit: By now it is good you revisit your Press Kit and make sure everything is in order, leave everything in the right place and see if you are not missing anything, as in the next step we will take you will not be able tu update it so easily, it is possible, but not as easy as right now!
  • Enter your CD into Gracenote & FreedB: These websites help any electronic device to know what your album is, and all it’s data, (genre, release date, band name, etc) you need to enter your CD here.

Let’s get busy, It is time for Our check list and start checking out other valuable aspects to complete that are integrated in the whole general process of these 2-3 moth time lapse!


Album preparation, Reaching Out traditional Media & Subdivided Media Setup

Traditional Media Showcase(radio Petitions)  

Now it’s time for you to make calls, radio is usually the most used traditional method to put your music out there, most radio stations take a whole month of time to prepare themselves to introducing you in a spot, and this is fine! They will usually ask for the MP3 and set up a quick spot to say who you are (here is where your biography comes in handy for a speech)


Social Network Administration  

This is the best chance to start organizing and announcing the release date you have selected for your album, make attractive banners, and messages to post them frequently and start notifying your fan base of this event.


Album Release Event  

If you have decided to launch the album release event to invite all your local support which we strongly recommend, this is the best time to inform them, they will have a 2 month time gap to make that day in their agenda for you.


Media Textual Content  

Review your Biography, your speech if you have one for what your album represents, your message, if you want anything to be said particularly in the radio like “a 10% of the album earnings will go to charity” anything that is a goal or sharing an aspect with your potential fan base, is indeed, of highly importance right now to get in order.


Video Interview  

You can Livestream or record an interview among band members, representing who you are, what you do and sharing a little bit of yourselves, it is a good content to attach to your website and stream it via a video hosting service (Such as Youtube) not completely necessary but a good and strong expansion to showcase in TV or online shows.


Social Network Sharing  


Every social network among the next have a form to share your posts, you have to do one simple task. “Post-Ask to share-repeat” petition all your contacts to please re-share your posts, this are the Social Networks for it.

Yotube: Videos
Twitter: Quick Updates or links
Facebook: Messages, promotions, events or any large textual content with photo/video attached
LinkedIn: To attract a professional crowd in case you pick Outsourcing (we will give a brief on it later on)



Online Street Team  

If you have enough fans or you have a loyal group of friends, build a street team at this point, they will share, connect, answer and repost online anything you do, and the best part is they represent you but they also come out to others as your fans, this will help your professional image as once we see that an artist is having such support it brings an air of attractiveness to it.


Artwork & CD Presentation  

Remember we mentioned you would need skill sets? Here is one, a digital artist, designer or any form of artistic render you want for your album artwork(you also want to find a designer to make the back and side of the CD physical copies)


Music video  

Time to start filming! Whatever you have decided to do, whether a lyrics video, graphical representation or an actual high-end quality music video it is the moment to do it, as it is the one thing TV will request most, also online shows, and any visual media involved.



Make sure you have a website, that is working correctly and it has the new album release date right in the homepage, as your editor to change it for a big photo announcing this event, so sharing it on social networks immediately directs people to the big news


Mailing List  

Start collecting as many emails as possible from your fans in all social networks, ask them to join in for offers and exclusive displays, also keep good administration of the content you send them as if it was a social network.


Thanking Fans  

As this stage involves very much close fan contact, thank them always for their support and state this in every post you make in social networks, also ask the media to say it for you.


Third Planning Stage

Closer To Fans, Radio Marketing Campaign & New Media

Fasten up your seat belt here comes the big ride! Last stage was also a lot of planning but it will pay off right in this stage, you, we just helped you evade a ton of issues new musicians who attempt marketing commit and end up wounding even their image! You know now all what it takes to take action, but to literally do it, is here!



By engaging your fans your activity on social networks probably is more substantial and that is for the best, your website is ready, your contacts are ready, and you the most important piece of the puzzle, is ready.

This will cover the next time gaps

  • 2 months to 1 month until release: The Radio Campaign
  • 1 month until release: Reaching Out To New Media

This could be considered the middle point of your whole marketing campaign and it is arguably the most critical part of transforming a potential fan into a loyal paying fan this where you will build a relationship that needs to be strong enough to push the potential fan to the last stage , where the money is made.

We focused on gaining their attention and preparing our three subdivided media methods with some back up ideas and plans, now it is time to make the conversion to put them in our side and make them stay for good.

The potential fans that have made it this far, know that you exist and are enjoying the experience that is your music/entertainment. As a result, their commitment to making a purchase is higher and the probability of closing a deal with them is greater in the near future.

This stage will be used to develop a real human relationship that should go deeper than just music or entertainment. This is where you as a brand should stand out and bring the potential fan in closer, as human contact is the best form to make yourself look good, your music won’t always be able to talk for yourself.

This stage also involves finally showcasing your self on radios and traditional media and any other dates you have set up and a lot more involvement with social networks and new media, in which you will contact internet podcasts and blogs that might be interested in announcing your new album.
For now let us see how you will satisfy your engaged fans and make them stay on your side, this process will be helpful to save a lot of time as yo will not have to regain their attention if they seek you out in a constant average basis.

Here is what you should/could do to improve communication with your fanbase to transform them into potential buyers:

  • Mailing List: Request your fans to talk to you via Email, this will help to make them more familiar with this form of communication, many bands exploit very well a good mailing list and reap benefits that they do not have at their disposition in social networks, hold events via your email such as giveaways or Q&A with them, and make it as interactive as possible, answer to them as often as you get a chance to do so.
  • Social Networks: Communication: This will be intended just as with the emailing with no actual marketing purposes…yet.Both, your mailing list and social networks have to build up heat (activity) so that you can reach as many people as possible in the final stage, the actual money making.
  • Honest Opinions: The best thing you can ask for at this 2 month       gap up to the final date is honest opinions and start showasing them in social networks, ask other fans to do the same and share them.
  • Other Artists support: If you know other musicians who would be willing to share your work with their fans this is a good chance to ask them, just remember to return the favor when they launch their album!

Radio Marketing Campaign: Reach Out and Perform

Here is a useful list of things to check, before, during and after your radio campaign and how to handle it’s structuring as now you will use it and start getting noticed by others via this media:

  • Radio petition: Schedule with local radios that play music similar to yours to play one of your songs and petition opinions, This opinions will have marketing value as they will be a testimonial that you can actually say came from an stranger or a new fan.At the end of the stream to announce when your album is coming out.
  • Single Showcase: Ask the radio to play the MP3 of the song you think it has the most market able potential and let the opinions flow, you can ask the radio to mention your album release, the date for the event you will hold in about 1-2 months from now and to invite people to come check you out that day.
  • Social Network Announcements: Tell your fans about you being on the radio, ask the radio if they have an online stream too, many radios today support this and you can use it to your advantage to not only reach out locals but also your internet fans.Petition your fans to share the link to the radio stream and enjoy.
  • Internet Radio & Podcasts: Having a physical radio station is expensive! So many people today independently set one at home and market it from the comfort of their living room while they stream a weekly showcase of music or a talk show, there are so so many out there we can not really tell you who you should reach out, more like, reach out as many as possible! A good way is to ask in LinkedIn or among your fans if by any chance one of them does this for a hobby or a living, you never really know who could your fans be! You might find some amazing talents that can help you with something.

New Media Campaign

Besides podcasts and Internet radio, there are other individuals you want to try to connect to help you announce your album release:

  • Internet magazines: There are many music magazines that have an app, and you can just google it up and their websites should pop out with a medium to contact them, it is for the best you follow this magazines and start sending well-written content you would like to showcase in their E-magazine or spotlight.
  • Bloggers And Social Network Stars: there are many famous individuals who have market themselves all the way from bloggers who share a story or content, to social network stars that do something valuable or just hold reputation for offering internet-based content, one or another way do not stay behind and contact them! Send them a message that you would like them to check you out and share you with their fans, you will pay them back by showing to your current fan base who they are and what they do!

Before we do our checklist here are some general actions to take care of or consider during this last 2 month process as the next step is reaching your definite date and post-marketing your album to achieve what you have been wanting to all this time, the money and the social renown from new supportive fans!

  • Contests: do contest with fans. Find or figure out something they would be interested in winning and hold a contest for it. Make it something exciting for both you and your fans so everyone is a winner. The winner is selected at random to those who share your youtube video or post.
  • Street Team Administration: In your street team select 1 or 2 individuals for each social network, ask them to take care of it and upload any information you give to them and occasionally ask for shares and new people to check you out.
  • Interviews: All the internet content related to you, share it and ask fans to do the same thing, thank whoever it is that held this event, whether it was radio , a magazine , a music store live playthrough that gave opinions about you, all kinds of support must be thanked if they work in a professional ambiance.
  • Press Releases have been written for every single in advance and artwork selected
  • Teaser Videos: You will upload the video for your single or album teasers, today many artists upload the album cover with the song playing to save up the money of an actual video, but we do recommend you to actually make a good attractive video, especially if your genre is Pop, Rap or Electronic music as it is genres that mainly call attention via visual media besied the music.
  • The big Email: make an email including everything so far.Introduce yourself for new fans, tell them you have been working hard on your new album as they must have heard of, set the release date and the event date for people who can assist and lastly thank them with “we couldn’t have done this without your support, we expect you love the new album”Music Webistes: Start checking where you can upload your music for the big date and be ready, we strongly recommend you check CD Baby as they help you with a lot of work to do.

We will now Do our checklist for all of this activities and include some new additional Content:

Closer To Fans, Radio Marketing Campaign & New Media

improve communication with your fanbase The first aspects we went through to make your fans feel closer to you.
Radio Marketing Campaign: Reach Out and Perform All the aspects enclosed in your radio marketing campaign: petition, showcase & social networks
New Media Campaign  

You contacted magazines, you researched if there are any new or hybrid forms of “new marketing” and you tried your best to contact Bloggers and social network stars


general actions to take care of or consider  

You have held a contest, you told your street team their job and participation, you showcased any interviews you have done, you have the press release ready. You launched the teaser video and you shared it on all your social networks and you wrote the great email and also a social network post saying the same to all your fans and making them aware of your current work and how close the big date is.


Material and To-Do in the last 2 month period time lapse.

CD Baby  

You checked out this website and other similar to assist you with uploading your music and allowing others to buy it on the big date.


You contacted the new media  

You have made contact with several new media workforces and set up a date to showcase your music with them or be interviewed.


Become a Shareaholic  

No, don’t drink while posting on social networks please! What we meant by shareaholic is basically the next aspect, ask a lot of your fans to share, and share everything related to you and your upcoming album.


Prepare your Selling options  

Prepare your merchandise and your physical CD distributors to put the stuff out the day of the big release.


The event  

Make sure you found a good place to hold your event and you have made a list of people to invite, invite your street team and any local assistance you have had, also try to inform even in social networks via private message about this event again ,as a friendly reminder that the date is closer than they think!


The next Step will be the last, the big day and the day you will finally be literally “paid off” all your Efforts!!!!

Fourth Planning Stage

The Big Day, The Rewards & Your Last Step…

This is the final part and we will cover:

  • The day of Release
  • Post-release.

It is time to conclude our journey and planification, we hope that as far as this goes you have been able to catch the general and detailed aspects of a good music marketing career for an album release or anything you are trying to sell, as this part will be focused on mostly economical and professional profits related to social matters.

This is a point where you must create the last phase of content, content that will engage fans into buying your music and also celebrate that you are releasing an album, we will first explain the points to be taken care of for the content creation and the event day, and at the end of the article we will explain the “Post-Release” phase with a small check list of benefits to be reaped as rewards for your hard work, as marketing an album through all three media forms has turned beneficial thanks to what we will explain you will earn through it.

Let us start with the content aspects for the Day of release or just a bit few days earlier:

  • Buying your music: Set your social networks with a message and a link to where they can buy your music.If you are a facebook user, change the banner with the announcement as an image, for twitter just tweet the link and the “ALBUM RELEASE” message attached about 6 or 7 times the first days, some weeks later change this to just 1 or 2 times a day asking for shares, which brings me to my next point..
  • Sharing is caring: now is the time to ask all the radios you contacted and highlighted you to remind that your album is out there, it is also turn for the bloggers, assistants you had, your street team, other band members, well, anyone who collaborated and is willing to share! And most importantly your fans, ask them to share as much as possible.
  • Event Day: Make a list for the people you will invite and ask them to bring as many people as possible, the best case scenario it is an open space, like a field or a park but if it is a close space take in consideration the amount of people who will be able to assist and actually stay inside!This day you will make connection with your fans, as you can make a contest or a giveaway after you play the album songs, it is the perfect scenario to invite all the local or nearby contacts that have a skillset you want or you will need for upcoming albums you want to repeat this process for.
  • Over Delivering: Make some sort of special bonus pack or offer for your album the first week with exactly the same cost as buying an album with no “prize” included(T-shirt new album and a sticker set) anything you can come up with that can augment the value of your image is welcome in this stage of your marketing process!

After a week make this promotion a bit more expensive and promote it as much as possible

  • Review & Improve: OK, time to say this, nothing is perfect! You might have gone or will go through difficulties and be prepared even In the final stage, try to gather testimonials and try to improve all the aspects where you feel you failed at for the next album you release, Marketing also requires a big learning curve and practice! Help other musicians afterward or if you have anyone to mentor you, ask them to read your marketing plan you have adapted for yourself and see if there is anything you should add or subtract with him, but only someone who has really had the success level you are seeking for!Ask your fans for the most honest opinions and send them to you via private messages, this will help you rethink for next time, also ask them to give you review on album or testimonials as you can use them to start the hype for your next early stages of your marketing campaign.
  • Have fun: this is the big day and you have every right to do so, after a hard long working year pontificating this is the day you can relax a little, we perfectly understand how tired you must feel, but it should feel good to see a little success raising up after all the effort!

Let us see at the check list specified for this moment and revisit this points, we will include it in this page as it is very short, after reviewing it we will see the post-marketing rewards to harvest and keep the hype rolling for a good couple months in a good, and very possible scenario.

The Day Of Release
Buying your music  

You have set the links to purchasing your new album in all social networks you handle and send them out via mailing lists.


Sharing is caring  

You have petitioned for reminders in exchange of sharing the networks content again.


Event Day  

You have the list of the professionals, fans and any other persons you want to invite to the event and called them to confirm.


Over Delivering  

You have printed the necessary extras for the bundles you will be offering


Review & Improve  

You have asked fans to tell you with all honesty what they think about your new album and from this analyzed how you might improve the next album you release or marketing campaign you plan out, what you should use again or focus most on and what may not be an option for you.


Contest or Raffle in event day  

You have decided what other events will develop after the album release performance in your event.


Now let us go to the second part of this stage which is basically all the post-rewards for you and your band, that will keep rolling for a good couple of weeks if you give them the attention needed, as they involve fans too.
The rewards

Your album is out! congratulations and now it is time to see another reason why all this planning will pay off in the long run!

Let us begin with our last section of reasons and activities for you to consider and re-enact as many musicians follow this steps:

  • PostAlbum release Hype: Here we will give you one of the biggest tips for outperforming your album, that is a livestream to play all the songs after two weeks from the big day, we suggest you use a service like periscope or Facebook’s livestream and tell your fans in advancement, Facebook has the advantage that in their section list they implemented not to long ago a “live now” button which displays live evens occurring worldwide, anyway it is a good recommendation you announce in all social networks of this event!If you use periscope we will fill you out with a basic idea with what it is besides just “it’s a livestream service” It is hosted by twitter and it links your twitter contacts, you can use this exclusively for other purposes now that you have a wider and more attentive fan base, but that is a story we leave for you to find out, as there is a whole science to how to use every social network out there as a marketing tool nowadays, right?
  • Contacts: hopefully you had the impact you were seeking for, and even if not this is a good time to start linking with other artists and people in the music business, you can use websites such as LinkedIn to find professional services.Remember we mentioned Outsourcing? Well here is the brief we promised you! Using Outsourcing is a great method and LinkedIn plays a part as you can hire independent workforces to your side for a budget friendly situation most of the times, we promise you, you won’t be let down, you might even find expansion methods we do not mention it this article as they are original marketing ideas or conceptual marketing concepts no one has attempted but might seem useful to you, the options are infinite, we also suggest websites like Fiverr and Upwork for this method, you can use your new album as a presentation card too for the next upcoming album you are planning and start seeking out your talents soon as they will be a cooperative force you won’t like to go deaf to!
  • Postlaunch media campaign: keep announcing your album like if it was the first day! Keep asking for shares and keep the interest flowing, use everything at your disposition, it would be great if you can host another live event in a month from now to kind of relive the experience and find even more fans, you can even try on the town next door or go to a different city if you have the opportunity.
  • Pre-Selling Tickets: Amazing how many bands skip this step. I can’t imagine how anyone would not even think about this step! This means one simple thing that anywhere you want to play with is music to their ears, Predicting how much you might earn, and have the certainty you will most probably reach that number you just said out loud without a monumental effort!You can make ticket selling even easier by using sites like Picatic to pre-sell your shows. You can even set a minimum threshold amount, meaning you won’t charge your fans the cost of that ticket if not enough people are buying. This means a small number of fans are going to get to see you perform for free. Ironically, more and more people will sign up and buy your tickets.
  • Merchandise: Another overseen and underrated by many indie artists nowadays, it is not only your music fans like…but anything you sell that has to do with you and they can treasure!Many musicians have said how this is the biggest reward out there! The one that reaps the most money siding up with CD sells and Tickets, they are a reinforce that no musician who is in the top tiers of fame or fortune denies.We mentioned getting a merch team, now is the time to employ them to their maximum level and market their work as best as possible, you will find yourself surprised if you are one of the skeptical bunch that a shirt can’t reap the green money fields out there for a musician!
  • Media Content Share: All the photos, all the videos the livestreams, anything related to you even picture-like jokes you and your band find funny and inoffensive go in this section!As we said… Shareaholic! As much as possible! With fans and any other contacts you got your hands on.

Here is the checklist, and after this we will conclude..

The rewards
PostAlbum release Hype  

You have investigated livestreaming and shared on facebook your music links for people to purchase, again ask for shares and opinions



You have tried to reach out possible individuals who will help you step up your career in a future whether near or mid range future (1 to 5 years)


Postlaunch media campaign  

You have tried to keep the hype going on on social networks and thanked fans for all their support, and how you could not have done this without them


Pre-Selling Tickets  

You have investigated on how to pre-sell tickets via Picatic and not underestimated the power this method has after album release



You have spoken with your team to distribute and market just your merchandise in shows, and online and how after the marketing campaign you can exploit the attention you have right now, for any other offers.


Media Content Share  

You have recompiled and shared all content about you that is visual, and had your fans see it and share it as much as possible. Repeat this process for a few months as this will be “quick reminders” for them that you are there to exist





We want to remind you as a last step, to thank your fans as you would not have done any of this or grow bigger if it was not for them and all the people who supported you, remember a music marketing campaign concerns the people who participate as much as the people marketing a product, or in this case your music.

They say music and medicine are alike, they both require discipline, studying ,timing and precision but the one thing they share the most, is you never stop learning or discovering, this is to remind you that we are offering you the best opportunities and setup for you to grow bigger in your career, but there is also a lot more out there to discover that only practice and experience can give you! We can do nothing else but wish yo uthe best of luck and hope you find our words of advice and knowledge useful to your cause.