Music Marketing & Promotion: 50 ways to enhance your social media presence

Music Marketing & Promotion: 50 ways to enhance your social media presence today


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Right from the instance marketing has evolved, there has always been a long list of the right things to do, or best practices to follow in order to get noticed. For the general marketing field, it has only been recently that the social media has evolved. Yet, evolved how!

With the changing times and changing scenarios today, it calls for the increasing presence of an individual or their brand, on the social media. Whether you are into business, art or music, to make your name popular in the global space, social media is your cue.

In truth, there is no single set of best practices that can be applied to every situation. But what you will get as you read further is a list of 50 possible ideas and strategies that work well to enhance your presence on the social media. Be careful, some of the ideas might seem completely foreign to you. But rest assured that these strategies do work! We cannot determine what will work best for you, but we definitely can help with plenty of ideas. Read ahead to find out about the 50 best practices regarding social media.

Social media listening

For optimizing your presence on the social media, what needs to be first done is – Social media listening. This does not have to be an activity which has to be carried out most of the day but definitely has to be done before chalking out your social media strategy. Consequently, here it is – 10 ways to boost the social media listening.

Know where you are being talked of

The process begins with knowing where people are talking about you. It basically boils down to finding the channels where you or your music is being talked about. For instance, people may be discussing your business on Face book or Twitter or any other social networking site. Remember, it is very likely that somewhere, someone is discussing you. Therefore, the first step should be to monitor this and have an idea of the general feeling people have towards you.

Expand your horizon

Although this may not apply to all, remember that only the very popular social networks like Face book and Twitter do not make up the entire social network framework. Many times people tend to just check on these networks to monitor the opinion of people about them. It is recommended to also carry out your social listening on other smaller social properties on the internet. Look at smaller and less popular sites which may be tending to the music frame work. Furthermore, search the blogs and even scan through trade publications, who know there might be a mention of you!

Create an extensive and wide keyword list

Now, it is not a surprise that people may not exactly use your name when they write about you in their discussions, posts and comments on the social media. They might tend to spell your name incorrectly, use some short forms to describe you, or just talk about your music and songs instead of particularly writing your name in their posts. Now, you are well aware that all the above mentioned criterions are directly linked to your social presence.

Put simply, the list in togetherness encompasses the total scope of your social listening. Therefore, what you have to do next is form a comprehensive list of keywords with words people may use to describe you, your music, your industry, or even your competitors. In fact, create a list of keywords which involves anything that can relate to you! Of course, some of the keywords may bring irrelevant results. But one thing is sure, the comprehensive list is sure to get you more information and better social listening than what you would have got by just entering your name.

Get it in every one’s blood

Now, if you have a team or a couple of people who take care of your social presence, make sure that every one is continuously looking for what is being written about you. It does not matter whether the information is negative or positive, the effort should be to keep you updated with every new post that is written about you. Also, if your social marketing personnel come across a piece of information that is written about you, they should also be aware of the source of the content so that further actions can be taken if required. What you could also do is to create a frame work whereby it would be easy to track down actions of people who write about you.

Tap on the influencers

The next step is for the smart ones. You will agree that there are people in your kind of the music industry that have established themselves as opinion leaders. They have the ability to influence the people around them. These are those influencers who are widely loved and are immensely popular. With immense popularity, they will apparently be updating their social networking sites every now and then. And needless to say, that they will have a large number of followers on each of the social networking sites.

Now, isn’t it a good idea to have a good relationship with these industry influencers! If nothing else, what they could help you with is in times of your crisis, some announcements and with your social listening. For instance, these influencers are constantly talking to your potential customers and who knows they might just have that update about you. Make sure to tap them!


Organizing the social listening

There is clearly no end to what people may be discussing about you on the various social networking sites available. And with endless discussions, it is also quite likely that this discussion is not going to be organized. For instance, one person may be talking about your new solo number where as on the same page, some one else might be talking about your private life. Now, how can you possibly track all these discussions? The simple solution is to create categories and place the discussed information in those categories. This will definitely make your life easier and your social listening better. Having said that, as an advice, it is advisable to keep the scope of the categories large, so that any changes can be incorporated if it is needed later on.


Further organize the social listening – Make reports

Like it was mentioned several times earlier, there will be a plethora of information that you may have when people are discussing you, your music or anything that is related to you. With so much information, disorganized, it may actually turn out to be useless instead of helping you to know what people feel about you. Accordingly, it is needless to say that one way to organize all this information would be to put together separate reports to give a better insight of what people are saying about you. For instance, reports can be made for categories like,

  • Total number of likes for a particular song
  • The total number of mentions in a month on a particular social networking site and such others. These reports can be made weekly, in 15 days, monthly or whatever you and your social networking team are comfortable with. Do this and you will agree that social listening is so much easier to comprehend now.

Always have that saving grace – Create a crisis management plan

No one is saying that there will be a crisis situation, but it is a fact that there might just be one randomly popping up to spoil your day. For instance, people might discuss something adverse against you and it might just go viral and increase your problems. After all, news travels fast on the social network platform. Accordingly, it is not enough to just know the importance of a crisis management plan. It needs to be made.

Now that’s where the difficulty begins. Be careful at this step, as it undoubtedly requires a lot of coordination amongst all the people who are a part of your team. What you can do is sit with everyone of your company, and try to develop hypothetical crisis situations and a crisis plan to sort out the situation. However difficult this may be initially, it will for sure be a winner when you actually land yourself in a crisis on the social networking framework.

Automate but keep the human element

Great! With some or all of the earlier steps implemented, it is time to move on. Now if you or your company is quite huge, there may be an overwhelming amount of discussions on the social networking sites. Here, it is advisable to use the social listening tools which can help to better organize the matter. The social listening tools are also believed to be more efficient than manual procedure. Also, with automated systems, it leaves you with enough time to interact with people on the social media rather than focus on what has already been said before.

Having said that, the tools are only the computer! And it does not make sense to just allocate all the social listing to the computer. Instead, also employ human capital who can look into the matters of the social media for you. After all, every thing cannot be done by a machine.

Understand the sentiments better – fine tune results

It is sometimes so difficult to understand the truth in the sentiment of what people say. Imagine how difficult it would be understand what they write! Likewise, sometimes there are posts on the social networking sites, where it is impossible to determine the sentiment of the writer. For instance, sarcasm is often difficult to comprehend.

To correct this, instead of totally going by the sentiment analysis of the computer, you can take a sample of the analyzed content and ensure that the tagging has been spot on. If the sample is not too long, you may also want to do the entire sentiment mapping yourself. This may seem to be tedious when there is the machine to do the sentiment analysis. But it is surely to get more satisfying result for you.


Social Media engagement

Okay! What you are done with till now is, completed with the social media listening. Now that you know what people are saying about you on the social media, it is time to act further. Next, you have to start with social media engagement. This involves interacting with the people who surround you on your social media platform. These can be communities, prospects, your listeners or just anyone who is a part of your social media environment. Let us some at some strategies to improve the social engagement.

Create an awareness

To have a good social engagement, it is first important to create awareness on the social media platform. It does not matter if you do not have a fancy PR team to do the same for you, you can still create that awareness for yourself. The social media is a platform whereby the social profile can be reasonably raised up.

Instead of putting up ads, you can simply create awareness by associating with the influencers of the industry. Just make sure that your profile is interesting enough or you can even share some content written by the influencers. This is sure to get noticed. In all this, do not forget to stay active in conversations with your admirers on any of the social networking sites.

Do not over share information

Of course, with the increasing response which you might get on the social networking sites, it might be tempting to keep updating photos, updating statuses or even tweeting every now and then. But as a recommendation, refrain from the following:

  • Over thinking and over sharing
  • Sharing every thing that is on your mind
  • Creating a compulsion on yourself to post on the social networking sites regularly


Think before stepping in

It is commonly said that, ‘look before you speak.’ And it is true in this situation. There may be a situation when someone has written something adverse about you or your music on the social media platform. However tempted you might feel to correct the crisis, it is not always advisable to jump in to solve the issue. This might lead to a bad reaction within the people who are interested in your profile. Instead, you can let your PR team or your social media in charges to deal with the issue. It is rather useful to only step it when any one else cannot help you to resolve the issue.

Be open, be honest, as far as you can

What better to engage people in your life, than let them know about the various aspects and latest happenings in your life? Likewise, it may serve good to be open and transparent. Where it might be difficult to convince people of your achievement at one time, if they have been involved right from the beginning; it may just be easier to convince them. Being open might make them more interested in your life and your profile as they may want to read more and more about you.

For instance, you can keep them posted about the new solo song you are preparing. Just keep updating them about the content, the release date, etc, about the song. Another good way to be open to your social media audiences is to introduce your team to the audience so that the team can constantly keep posting about the developments in your life.

Watch the tone!

It is always good to have a certain attitude and show case a personality to the people, on your social media interactions and posts. However, it is important here to watch the tone and the emotions that are reflected in your posts or the conversations. Your followers and readers should understand your emotion clearly. To make that happen, you have to be careful and precise with your words. If the emotions are wrongly interpreted, the social engagement might turn a total failure and the reputation built over time might just collapse.

Help your readers become an expert in your field

It is needless to say that over time, you may have developed a huge knowledge as regards to your field. Being musicians, you may have gathered information about the different kinds of music or such other information, over time. One way to gain increased social engagement is by sharing this knowledge with the prospects on the social media.

You can do this task in the following approaches:

Don’t try to hard to be an expert. Just simply share whatever input you would like to with your prospects.

There may be questions asked on your posts and blogs. It is definitely not always necessary to answer all. But try and answer the relevant ones.

The approach should be that the prospects who are reading about you should like you. Therefore, give time and select content that reflects what you want to share and what your readers want to read about.


Be ready beforehand

Why wait for conversations to start to get involved with social media engagements. Rather think about picking up some posts which do not directly mention any thing about you or your work, but can be valuable. Now, based on these posts, you can start conversations or comment on them, to make an impact on the social media platform. Go ahead, try new posts and build new relationships.

Have a response for both negative and positive feedback

Here are some tips to respond to positive and negative feedback.


Firstly, it is necessary to thank the people on the social media who have left positive comments on your posts, tweets or blogs.

Next, why not act nice and return a favor. For instance, if some one has shared your post, photo, retweeted what you had to write, just return the favor by doing the same for them.

Keep a mark on the people who can add value to your social presence. Add these people to your profile as your guest contributors.


For negative comments, make sure to act quickly since they may spread quickly and create an adverse effect.

Also do not be scared and delete negative posts. This only goes to show that you are negatively affected and cannot handle a crisis.

And lastly, remember to take the negative feedback as a constructive criticism.

Do not stretch too long

Statistics have shown that tweets with lesser characters had more of an engagement rate and longer tweets. Same goes for posts on Face book and various other social networking sites. No one enjoys reading long and boring posts. Therefore, try and be precise and convey your message in a power packed few words.

Why not follow the followers?

It is always nice to have people following you. Well, it works the same the other way around. It is always nice to follow your followers. This serves as two functions – Firstly, it will definitely create a good will amongst your followers. More and more people might want to get to your follower list so that even you can follow them back. Secondly, you might even get public thanks by following your followers. If nothing else, this can help you to increase your exposure. Imagine, wouldn’t it be nice to have a huge follower base on the social networking sites.

Social media Publishing

Well, great going. You are done with social listening and social engagement. Now let us see what lies ahead. Next, you have to indulge in social media publishing. After knowing what people are writing and increasing the scope of conversations, it is time to push your communication directly to people interested in reading about you. Let us look at some strategies.

Do not miss out on major social networks

You may have a photo or a post which you may want to share. Now, do not limit this to a single or two websites. Ensure that your presence is felt on almost every important social platform that can make a difference to your social presence. As every site is a single identity, it is necessary to have a presence on each site. Even if you do not have separate posts for separate sites, post the same posts with different title, but do not miss out on any prospective social networking site.

In any of your posts, try to have the option to share the content

It is not unknown that the more a certain post is shared, there are greater chances for it to reach the masses and go viral. Likewise, it is quite beneficial to have the option of sharing your posted videos, posts or links. For instance, viral does not only include a huge number of likes on a social network channel, it can also be made possible if a number of persons have retweeted your post. A post which was initially reaching 200 people, if further retweeted, can reach more and more number of people.

Have a pre organized publishing and approval permissions

You might have a team who handles your social marketing framework. Now for the function to be carried to be carried out perfectly, have a pre organized plan about who in the team can create the content to publish? Or even, who can in team can both crate the content and publish to the social media sites. What will happen with this step is that there will be an order maintained in your team and an audit will be possible as regards to who has posted what on your behalf. You will know whom to hold responsible if anything goes wrong.

Have a build up for the mobile phones

Cell phones are an important part of every ones lives today. With the superiority of the features on the mobile phones, many people tend to access the social networking sites from the mobile phones itself rather than accessing a laptop or computer to do the same. Now, we were not discussing the importance of mobile phones for no reason. The essence is that social marketing efforts have to be created keeping in mind that they have to be easily accessed from the cell phones also. For instance, if you have created a site which talks about you or your music, ensure that it is cell phone friendly and opens without any trouble on the cell phone browser.

Only tweeting in the day is not enough

Well, internet is a global medium. There are no scopes and boundaries to when who is surfing what. Just about any one can access your information at any time and around the whole world. Likewise, if you are done with your day at 6 p.m local time, it does not mean that it is the same time every where in the world. Some where it will still be morning.

Therefore, to tap on this, what you can do is be active at a time later than your comfort time. What this will do is provide a sure shot advantage since other rivals of yours may not be active at their non comfort hours. Now, if you are active even then, you can respond immediately to whatever people are saying around the globe and create a better impact. Take some pain, you are sure to experience a lot of gain.

Promote existing content by the means of social media

The social networking framework is huge. Somewhere someone must may skipped reading what you intend for everyone to read. For instance, maybe someone is not there on Face book and has missed reading what you want your prospective audience to read. Therefore it is also crucial to mention in and cover as many social networking sites and blogs as possible.

Also, you can promote your existing content on different websites by means of adding different titles and make minor changes in the posts. The idea is that everyone should be aware of what you intend your audience to read about. Now, one thing to be careful here is that promoting existing content should not be done too often as this may be repetitive for some of their readers and put their minds off.

Know what data or posts is working best for you

When talking about publishing content, it is obvious that this should not be done blindly. Before you or your team set off to publish content, it is necessary to first know about what data is working best for you. For instance, you might do some experiments with some random posts to analyze whether which kinds of interactions or posts are being appreciated by your audiences. This step is especially crucial since it will give you the cue on what you should publish in regards to the content that is being increasingly read and liked by your prospective audiences on the social networking sites.

Link the general marketing function with your social marketing function

It may be possible that you or your team have a marketing calendar which incorporates when, what and where the marketing function has to be executed. Likewise, although there is no separate calendar required for social marketing since it is an everyday or an every hour activity, what you can do is, link the social marketing function to the general marketing calendar. Through this, you will remember to post or update the social marketing framework as part of your total marketing effort. In short, your social marketing function should be carried out in conjunction with the general marketing which you have planned for yourself or your company.

When there is a way, track your links

You will agree that you simply cannot go on publishing content on the social networking sites. You have to know whether the content is being liked, read or even being seen by all those for whom to intend the content to be seen. Well, although the followers on social networking sites are an indication, it still cannot be said with surety whether a particular link of yours is being watched by all of them or not.

Likewise, it is wise to install tracking codes on the links you have posted. What the tracking codes will do is tell you the traffic that was generated on a link or site and also create a database of several reports specifying some important finding. This can than serve as a blueprint to publish further content on the social media websites.

Lastly, as far as social media publishing is concerned, experiment freely

This is a last tip as far as social media publishing is concerned. Often times you may find yourself stopping before publishing or saying something on the social media. This will surely be good sometimes, but do not always refrain yourselves from speaking what is on your mind. Try experimenting, posting videos, writing in blogs, the content which you feel is a little risky but can be worthwhile if it works.

Also, do not be afraid to try and cover different social media websites. They are only websites after all and you will get the hang of them in some time. What this will also do, is help you to be more and more creative. The more you involve with the social media, the more comfortable you will get.

Social media advertising

Moving on, when it comes to the internet and the social media, where it may be a significant level of awareness already created through free and organic sources of the social media platform, it also becomes necessary to use the paid form of advertising sometimes. Too win the immensely competitive market scenario; you might just consider the paid sources of social media properties. Here are some tips to get started with the social media advertising.

Have your advertising goals in place

Paid advertising does not come free. Like the other sites of social media which is free of cost paid advertising involves money. Now, you cannot just go about spending money on paid form of advertising without any pre planning. It is no where written that the more you spend, the more popularity you will create. The whole effort has to be streamlined. Therefore, before going for such a step, it is advisable to have the advertising goals in place. This may be in regards to what you want to achieve through the social media advertising and the budget constraints. This will enable you have make better plans and make adjustments if your current plan is tending towards a failure.

Have a budget limit for your campaign

Every social networking site has its own fundas as regarding to pay for social advertising. For instance, on Face book, there is a bidding system used in which the most competitive bids will have the right for their ads to be displayed for the Face book users. Therefore, if you enter this bid before proper planning, you may find yourself spending much more than you had even thought about. Therefore, it is wise to have a rough budget in mind before undertaking the paid form of social media advertising. Also, it is important to have a budget constraint on a daily basis as well as for the entire campaign length which you have in mind. It is better to be prepared in advance than spend uselessly.

Research about the social advertising platforms

Having the advertising goals and a budget is just the start. Before, undertaking the paid social media advertising, it is also vital to research about the different advertising platform available on the social media platform. Each social networking site has its advantages and disadvantages. They are each different from the other. Therefore, it is advisable to read about and study about the process, and the advertising system in each of the social platforms you are interested in. For example, if you have a video in mind, YouTube maybe a better source whereas Face book may be a better source to input your news feed. Therefore, before undertaking the paid advertising, first find out abut the different social media platforms and which of them is most useful to suit your need and objective.

Match your social ad campaigns and advertising initiatives

It is possible that you may have a wish to run your social media campaigns completely different from the other general marketing campaigns. That is fine at times. However, it is better to have a sync when it comes to your social marketing campaign and the other general advertising campaign. What this will do is to reassure yourself and your audiences what you are trying to say. If they read similar content time and again, it is possible that the content gets better fed in their minds and produces a desired result as you had initially willed before embarking upon the campaign.

Target your social media advertising to your advertising objectives

When you are undertaking your social media advertising, you also have a fixed target audience in mind to which you want to allure through your efforts on the social media. The whole idea for you would be to target the right content to the right persons on the social platform. But, before starting the paid social advertising, think and rethink about the target you want to expose the advertising to. For instance ask yourself, “Do I want to show case my ads to people who already have a liking towards me?” Or even that “Would I want to target new audiences?’ So, think and decide your target audience and try to set the target in line with the overall advertising objectives.

Test and know

All things perfectly set in place, but how would you know whether a particular perfect plan will be successful? Put simply, one cannot just assume on the success of any planned campaign. What you can do is test before executing the entire plan. A possible way to plan the effectiveness of your planned campaign is by taking different target groups, a few members of the target group of course and showing them what you have planned. Judging by the reaction of the target group members, you can get a cue on how successful your social advertising campaign is going to be. Therefore, test and guess the effectiveness of your ads.

In the age of technology, try and automate whatever possible

This is an age of information and technology and increasingly marketers are getting influenced and attracted to the automated scene as far as internet advertising is concerned. There are terms like pay per click, click through rate or even banner ads that are the popular terms which are used as regards to internet advertising today. Therefore, try and automate the social advertising function as much as possible. For instance, use forms of social media advertising for which the performance results can be automatically generated and seen. With the automated facility, you will know the status and performance of your ad campaigns and any moment of time. You will also know whether the ad campaign has reached the right people and audiences or not.

Schedule your efforts

As discussed before, like it is important to be active on the social media at all times of the day and week, you have to take care of the timing before executing your social ad campaign. For instance, research and find out about the timing in which the ad campaign is most effective. According to the purpose, it is wise to plan and publish your ad when it can most effectively reach your audience. For instance, if you have a new solo song coming out, you can start advertising a month before the release. Show some glimpses and teasers of the song. Also, the budget of the advertising should be changed according to the most peak timings, the advertising is required.

Set metrics to represent the ad campaign status

If you have installed a tracking code for your ad campaigns, you are getting to get a lot of data which will show the results of the effective of the social media ad campaign. You may also find yourself with so many indicators that you might be confused as to how to figure them all out. Well, this is unnecessary and should be avoided. What you can do is create a list of few metrics that you feel are the most crucial to show case the performance of the ad campaign on the social media. Furthermore, be flexible with the metrics. With adjustments and additions to the social media ad campaign, the metrics can be changed alongside.

Once you have the metrics, analyze them

You are going great as far as setting the metrics and getting the performance results is concerned. But what then? Is it enough to just know about the performance results? The answer is No. The metrics showing the performance of the particular ad campaign have to be continually analyzed. As these metrics are showing the true results, you have to analyze them and know where you have gone right or wrong ad regards to the ad campaign undertaken.

Social media measurement

Everything set, the listening, the publishing and even the paid advertising, now it is time to measure the performance. Put the best fit technology and best fit people to work and keep you posted about the performance of your undertaken effort. Here are some ways how:

Achieve an alignment of the metrics with your objectives

For the metrics to be any useful, you have to align it with your objectives. And needless to say these objectives have to be measurable. For instance, the objectives can follow the SMART framework provided by Peter Drucker to the world of marketing. So, in short, your objectives should be,

  • Specific – The objectives should be a specific number. For instance, your objective can be to increase the brand awareness by 20% in the next one year.
  • Measurable – Next, your object should be measurable meaning that it should be able to be measured in performance metrics.
  • Achievable – The objectives should definitely be achievable. Do not set goals like achieving a 100% customer liking. A 100% is not possible!
  • Realistic – Also, the objective should be realistic. This means that you should have resources to meet your goal before setting it that high,
  • Time specific – Lastly, the objective should be timed meaning that it should have a timed framework within which it has to be achieved.

Have a goal

Before anything, it is important to pick a goal. For instance, goals can be

  1. Generating awareness
  2. Getting leads
  3. Converting the leads to prospects
  4. Or even reducing cost of the current social media campaign

With a picked goal, you can allocate appropriate resources and a time frame to achieve the desired goal. Remember, once the goal is picked, do everything in your right to achieve it. After all, the goal was set by you.

Carry out segmentation of your audiences

You will have different target groups which you have decided to view your social advertising concerns. Likewise, all the targets are different and a similar strategy will not work with every target you have set. Therefore, it is crucial to segment and devise a different social media strategy for each target group.

Track the social media leads and purchases and measure them

Now, with so much effort undertaken to make a presence on the social media, if you have a B2B framework where you are selling any of the musical products, you have to have ways to track down the revenues generated. If you have put in money and effort to create awareness and generate leads, through social media, you need to know the pay back. Therefore, have the appropriate means to keep a check on the revenue that is generated through the social media efforts.

Measure the cost savings

Social media can be a good source of cutting down costs. Think about it! Well, here is how! You may have employed a team to take care and handle the crisis situation that might arise due to several reasons. Now think, if you directly be present on the social media and sort out the issue through the social platform, you do not require having a team separately for crisis handling. Therefore, being present on social media might actually save you some money.

Have a centralized platform to integrate all the separate metrics

Now, one problem that arises with measuring social media campaigns is that the data is diverse and it can come from a lot of sources. For instance, some data can come from the social networks, some from other analytics. Therefore, with so much data, and so diverse information, it can be irritating to get a general essence of the performance result. This is why it is important to have a common central framework whereby all data can be compiled and a common result can be seen.


Define your ROI

You should have a way to define the ROI as well as analyze whether the ROI has been as you had expected. This might seem tough initially but it needs to be done in order to know the effectiveness of the social network ad campaign. If you are anywhere near your set ROI figure, your social networking campaign is going spot on.

Be flexible with your campaign

The good part about the social media campaigns is that the route and manner of the campaign can be modified anytime using little efforts, time or money. Therefore, always be ready to change the direction of your campaign if the performance metrics are showing adverse results.

Do not only reply on the typical metrics

There are some typical metrics like the following:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • retweets

And several others that are cliché. These may be good to use but do not only rely on these metrics. Depending on your total social marketing campaign, have an increased number of appropriate metrics that can best measure the effectiveness of the ad campaign for you.

Do not miss out on any measurement tool

Enough talking done, as a last step, try and tap on every available measurement tool so that you know the best performance indications of your social network ad campaign.

In conclusion, above was a list of 50 tactics which you can undertake to enhance your social marketing efforts. It is also divided in 5 sections to help you understand them better. No one is asking you to try all 50 steps, but a combination of executing 3-4 steps from each section can definitely get you the desired result. So, what is the wait for! Go social and shine!

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