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Twitter Marketing For Musicians

 Twitter, one of the largest social networks out there that have revolutionized modern communication, used by many celebrities, Newspapers, Bloggers, Artists, musicians and common individuals.

Twitter’s success relies heavily on its express and constant flow of information, with the use of hashtags to popularize what is happening worldwide at a moment’s notice.

And it also happens to be a huge marketing tool although it might not give you that impression at first, Twitter can still be vastly exploited for this purpose with a little dedication as many artists do not really market themselves online, they only open accounts or upload music but do not keep up at them and generate traffic, so, allow us to show you the How’s and why’s to everything twitter related and marketing related so that you can immediately start as soon as you finish reading this guide.


Why You Should Use Twitter To Market Your  Music


The reason is simple and has not much of a background, almost no one goes to iTunes to discover music or to any music hosting service they follow with this purpose, they reach these websites to purchase music, not to discover, usually they discover it through a shared video, going to Youtube, Internet Radio, even through an article, but they scarcely come across a new band through iTunes…


That is why many artists exploit social networks as a form of self-marketing and there is nothing wrong about it, many artists today despise marketing or have the wrong concept towards it, but that is a whole other story, as our sole purpose is to teach you how to market your product and attain some new attention in the meantime, as any social network’s main job is to bring people together and share preferences, opinions and personal tastes, you are going to take the edge within these meassurements.


Let’s approach Twitter’s basics with utmost detail to cover up all the key elements, as these elements ARE the reason some out there manage to successfully overflow in followers and why some stay behind and give up.


Basics About Twitter You Must Know.

Twitter is the most immediate of all social media. As a musician, Twitter allows you to instantly connect with your fans and heroes all over the world. It is vastly used by musicians to share a huge amount of media, (photos, video, bloopers, and even personal “memes” only fans can understand) this with the sole purpose to connect with the fans, or to call the attention of new possible followers.


The second aspect we need to take into consideration is also very simple and is the reason many many accounts boost in a matter of months to up to 5 digits of followers is… human interaction, yes, interact, talk and use the features twitter offers(we will talk about them shortly) to reach and expand your fan base as much as possible.


The third and last aspect is consistency, Do not give up in a matter of just a few weeks, that is like leaving a party 15 minutes after you arrived and the day after they tell you how awesome it really was!

If at the beginning you do not see results don’t get stressed or concerned about it, it takes time to launch this, as once the plane of thousands of followers is up in the sky, it stays up there!


Twitter’s Terminology

As any renowned social network Twitters has it’s own terms and language variations, it is necessary you learn them as they are very short, they are your tools of work under the website.

  • Handle.- This refers to your user name.
  • Tweet.- this refers to a post, it is what you share, the twist Twitter has is that they limit it to 140 characters to avoid people from posting super large posts, people have to keep it simple and avoid over detailing as they are called tweets making reference to birds tweeting, it is an audible noise we all notice and we are alert of it for a moment or until we hear another bird’s tweet.
  • Retweet.- when someone tweets something and you want to share it there is the retweet button under it for you to share with all your contacts.
  • @reply.- When you respond to someone’s tweet, usually using a “@” can help you search for a handle and respond to them, which is another form of interaction within the platform.
  • Favorite.- When you like a tweet a little heart symbol is beneath the tweet which allows you to save that tweet in a list you can read later, you can also save it for later retweeting it.
  • Hashtag(#).- Twitter’s holy grail and what spins the whole network around, it is the hashtag, what is trendy and whatnot, there are many lists online you can find about trending hash tags, some big names have their own personal hashtag (once you have plenty followers you can create one for yourself) There are even specific lists for musicians of each genre.
  • Direct Message (DM) .- You want to tweet something only one person can read? A private message is the answer! You can even make requests from others this way to retweet for you and you retweet for them and start a retweeting chain (A common tactic among aspiring tweet stars or just people hoping to raise their followers a little sharing jokes or interesting facts here and there)


With that we have covered the common terminologies for a twitter user, they are not hard to grasp and I can promise you that in less than an hour you will have grabbed the hang of it!

Now let’s see how you should compose a tweet, and what should you talk about and what to avoid mentioning or just not talk about it at all!


Composing Tweets

 There are many many variations of what you should talk about on twitter, how you can convince with the use of certain words, and plenty of theories on how the grammar and order of the words can generate a different impact, although there is such a wide world of variations we have shortened a list of proven methods and subjects you as a musician can use to boost your fame a little in a weekly basis.

How often Should I Tweet?

Tweet every time you feel you can share something useful, or that could be engaging, as for a limit try to tweet at most 5 things a day at different times, this is for a reason that you have to consider day time and night time around the world..

If you tweet something in the morning all the people on your side of the globe will most probably read it, if you tweet it in the night you will reach the same people probably before they go to sleep, but also some others on the other half of our world will wake up to see it in about 1-2 hours probably.


Audience Targeting

In musical terms of course, we want you to select the genre or sub-genre you will be targeting on a monthly basis, Twitter is a tool to make connections, people in the same circles usually follow bigger artists and sometimes these artists or influential others check occasionally what tweets are outstanding from others, and believe it or not, some talent has been found thanks to twitter, it’s system and the use of hashtags.

Select the genre of music you make, if you are a rap artist, select Hashtags related to rap (ex. #rap #hiphop #urban #lyrical #artist) and that is just a few of the many examples that can be found on googling around for them, point is to use the trending ones so people will search them and you show up in the latest results.

The core of all this attention is bringing people’s engaged look to your next few tweets where you link them to your virtual stores, online offers, new album, etc… anything you are trying to sell will become potentially exposed with this method after a few months of trial and error and raising your followers basis.

Also, an extra petition you can do is just a retweet  of your website or your other social networks, tell them what you offer in each tweet and the reason you want to retweet

Ex. ( We want to record our album but lack the funding, check our fundraising campaign for  great offers, RT please) RT is a short for RT, you will see many people using shortened words to try to express as much as possible but in our case let’s try to keep it as professional looking as possible, no one wants to decrypt your next album release date!

As a Musician….. What Should I Tweet About?

With decades on top of them or just starting off in the music business, with thousands of followers or just your local friends, as a musician nowadays you also take the responsibility of being a social figure, someone who can even inspire generations and needs to keep his words in account, “He that spares his words knows knowledge, and a patient man is wise.

Here is a list of considerations:

Things you SHOULD tweet about:

  • Your Professional ambiance.Are you or your band recording? Share a photo with your band’s consent, share how you guys recorded for 10 hours straight and are working your hardest to leave the best possible result on the table, if you had a photo shoot upload a sneak-peek and give credits to the photographer.
  • Sharing is Caring.Every other professional person you work with can cooperate with raising your followers as well as you could do the same for them, ask them to share you with others and do the same for them.
  • Promote.- If you have new merchandise accessible in your website or you have tickets for sale, Twitter is the place for it! You can even use hashtags in the city you are playing and probably you will attract a couple new faces, for them is a new experience and for you is a possible new fan.
  • Be nice.- There are trolls out there! And just the annoying kind! Many people will try to throw some dispute at you and try to get you to stain your image or just bother you over something senseless, do not even pay attention and do not even attempt to, just seeing someone argue over the internet takes professionalism out of them in a matter of seconds, on the other side if someone leaves a positive comment or they DM, or reply to you about how awesome you are, always thank them for their support personally as for when your fanbase grows to thousands you will only be able to send general tweets with a general “thank you” message.
  •   Reach The Whole World.– Retweet amazing things from people all around the world, and write sudden content from time to time about some amazing fact or experience that could generate some buzz.
  • A Worldwide Event.- If there was a catastrophe or there is an amazing music festival it does not matter, share it and talk about it, even in possible make a donation in the case of the catastrophe as it can trigger others to do the same, as we said before, having a successful social network fanbase involves a bit of a social figure as you become and “agent of change” (Common term in sociology for someone with the skill of instigating others to do the same as he/she is)

 Things you SHOULD NOT tweet about:

  • In-directs.- There is this huge hole in all social networks that you can express your mind to a very general level or personal level and many of us fall into it, and we tweet about someone we know in real life who did or said something that pissed us off, in the case of some musicians (ill-mannered and unprofessional of course!) this happens a lot and that scares people away, any negative references you have, keep them to yourself.
  • Negativity.- Don’t complain, don’t whine don’t express sadness unless something really really sad has happened, something really serious, many social networks users find  that making others feel guilty for them calls attention and makes even some people support you, it is not the correct way to reach out people, and it can cause issues among your followers as they will disagree or even get defiant.
  • Politics and Religion.-  Even in real life, no kidding! Only if you actively belong to one of both you can participate in debating about an issue they might be confronting, if yo do not, just stay quiet, it is not your business as many people immediately engage in “discussion mode” and try to prove others wrong.
  • Jokes.- We all love a good laugh from time to time, we are not telling you to be serious or talk like a robot, just before you tweet something consider all perspectives from other social parties, if there is something they might consider offensive or mislead them into confusion, you can even ask for honest opinions around and if you don’t see the harm to it, tweet it.

 As for your considerations if there is a certain subject that bothers you or you do not want to share about it is also okay, you have full right to decide what to keep quiet and what to share with your followers.

Now that we have gotten more involved into helping you decide what audience you should involve and what you should share with them allow us to teach you the use of potential 3rd party websites to amplify your field of view in the twitter world…

Once You’ve upgraded you’ll have Access to The full program that includes:

Monitoring, Targeting Audiences & Third Party Websites

Targeting Audiences WITH a third party website.

Scheduling Tweets

Twitter Monetization & Product Sponsoring

  • Twittad

  • Addly

  • SponsoredTweets

 Twitter Lists

Another of the great features about Twitter is their lists.

 Tips And Tricks

How to offer your product

Twitter Mind Map

Twitter is a great tool in the social networks and relations aspect of any band,  even marketing yourself and promoting your artwork, we strongly suggest you to follow every step and give it a shot, remember the one who is patient is the one who wins!


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