YouTube Guide For Musicians


YouTube Guide For Musicians

Marketing, Promoting & Making Money With Your Music Online


YouTube, the largest social network that streams videos and hosts countless hours of content in all kind of subjects, many take advantage of it for entertainment purposes and also for professional matters, musicians however have been even discovered by their sheer talent thanks to this video streaming network.

This article will focus on musicians attempting to use YouTube as a media for marketing your music and promoting your art form, we will cover all necessary aspects for you to do so and start implementing all this in your YouTube activity, after explaining this we will go into detail on how YouTube statistical system works for your videos and how to analyze what it is that you may be lacking of you already have most or all the things we are about to mention.

We will also discuss YouTube partners program for you to earn money from every single one of your videos.

First of all let’s clarify how YouTube can play a big part in your music career:  Playing A Role In Your Music Career


A platform to display one’s music and visual art and all the aspects related to it like social media, music marketing, music and merchandise sales and concert promotional offers on a single platform. On YouTube one can get all the related content packed in a single sharable video.

Youtube can even offer you a new form of income for you and your bands through the partnership program to monetize your content, there are channels that where created with this sole purpose of generating money, and they usually invest into improving the quality, all the way from talk shows to artists or any form of entertainment you can picture.

Youtube has been a ladder to many “basement musicians” as they do not invest much into producing their first videos and informing themselves of the right ways to earn the right attention from the right people through audience targeting and marketing techniques for online purposes.

We want you to become conscious that youtube is even considered the platform that is the equivalent to what T.V was when invented, they both came to revolutionize, change and unlimited the world in a way, in this case youtube opened the boarders for any one looking to communicate or share their personal or professional lives with others.

YouTube has no plans on stopping and keeps growing, in complexity and in versatility, that is why we have put together a useful guide for you to start immersing in the Youtube Universe and have the capacity to share your music with others, and actually earning followers or fans from this single platform.

We want you to investigate even further even after reading this whole guide with a mind set in comprehending how other Youtube users have grown their fan base, as for everyone the journey is different and there are many paths to be taken, we will lay out for you all the To-do’s and analyze carefully how youtube works and how to use the tools it offers to see where you might be lacking, to improve your chances of growing to success, or even, becoming viral.
Without delay, let us begin…

Content & Audience Targeting:

Make It Worth Your Time

buy-youtube-subscribers          We will begin by how to set up your channel as a musician, this is a very simple process and it will be benefit you greatly when they search for artists, let us begin with your Channel’s name.

Channel’s Name: the best approach is to use your band’s or musical project name and keep it simple, discoverable and easy to pronounce, do not use numbers as letters or attempt to shorten the words as when people will try to find you, you will not show up.

The second step is upgrading your Youtube account to musician’s profile:

To do this, all you need to do is:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on “Account” in the right top corner
  • Select “Edit Channel” – this is located in the “Overview” tab
  • Go to the “Channel Type” section & select “Musician”

And for last, the design of your YouTube channel, the thinks to take into consideration are:

  • Profile Photo: The best viable option is using your band’s logo or a band photo that looks attractive enough to call attention, avoid too dark photos as they will not look attractive or call attention from the users.
  • Banner: The YouTube banner can be a whole photo of your band or an announcement for your upcoming album, many musicians use the banner at the top to announce tours, upcoming music videos, or any great news they want to share with their current YouTube fan base.
  • Youtube Bio: The best option is to use the bio you have at your website or short it down to 25-30 words in the most attractive way you can fit it “American Hardcore metal Band who seek greatness in arts among all things” or any message you or your band can express in this short lines works a great way through becoming discoverable (this will be explained in optimizing your videos for discover ability and why this influences so much for both videos and channel)

We will not be to precise as how to target an audience but we will settle the basics for you and what you should know, audience targeting focuses basically on “selecting” the individuals you consider would listen your music, in YouTube this is very easy to do so, here are 2 great ways.

  • By Musical Similarity: Nowadays many musicians are categorized and have similarities, let us suppose you sound like a famous British pop star, you can approach their fans through the comment section and select a few individuals and subscribe to them.Another way is by saying it in your YouTube Bio “similar style as “insert famous artist here” with influence from rock and pop music” this will help when they search you in YouTube for channels to come across you (we will explain this in the keywords section in a little while)
  • Local: You want to approach an audience that would listen to you, but what could be better if you look for people close to you! You can search for music podcast or talk shows hosted in YouTube from where you are from and approach their channels by subscribing.

Targeting an audience consists in finding the right people to look for you and there are many ways to do this, there are even exclusive methods for each social network and you could write a book with all of them! As for the basics that is it for now, we will integrate a bit more as we advance.

Now let us approach your channel’s content, the best question you can ask to yourself right now is “is my content worth marketing?” probably more than you may think, although YouTube users do seek and demand a lot of quality from musicians there is also a side of the community who seeks to support those who are starting off, even so, a few recommendations don’t hurt anybody:

  • Set-up: If you see many YouTube channels have what we could call a similar format for all their videos, this includes camera angle, quality, video effects (if required) introduction or outro songs even! We suggest you make a structure like this for your videos, the three things we could mention count the most is good lightning & good sound quality.For Soundthe best option is to record your song and edit your video to replace the audio from your camera for the professional recording you did on your PC or Laptop, For Lightning You can get some light diffusers and simulate professional illumination, remember that your camera angle plays a great part in the illumination as how the light enters the lens of your camera so make sure it is indirect light, this will also help the camera to focus.
  • Video Quality: Using a camera might turn proficient but today a high gamma cell phone can match up this with a quality that reaches the high standards of the YouTube Community, we want your videos to at least have 720p-1080p so wherever it is your users watch it, they can see the detail and enjoy the visual aspect too as much as the music.
  • Budget: Before anything consider how much money you can invest on your videos and why would it be beneficial to do such investment, it is a good chance to really analyze the methods you can use that are at your reach to optimize expenses and maximize possible attention for your videos at the same time.

Video Editing


If you know little or nothing about video edition or basic retouch for your footage do not worry, as we said earlier YouTube is growing and becoming more complex over time, but they also are releasing tools for others to create their content and keep up with the current quality standards they handle, here are three video editing software recommendations by the Youtube Team of Developers:

  • OneTrueMedia: A great video editor, doesn’t require that you stick with a theme or preset. You can also upload your own music with this program, but the free clip length is limited to 30 seconds, and you only get access to all of the effects and transitions if you purchase the premium version. Still, the price is reasonable, and it seems like you could do a lot of cool stuff with this.
  • StupeFlick Video Maker: Online, basic version of iMovie, this program lets you import video clips and photographs, and arrange them within a preselected theme. You can upload your own song to play during the clip, and add onscreen text as well. You can publish any clip under a minute in length to YouTube for free, but if you want to go longer than that, there’s a fee. That option also includes a 720p version that you can publish anywhere.
  • GoAnimate: This is an animation creation program, but in cartoon format. You can pick backgrounds and characters, and you can upload your own music.

All of these are great for beginners or free trials, if you have the budget and the time to learn we suggest Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects, you can also use as an editing tool the 3D rendering software blender, but it has a huge learning curve and would require a few days to just get started, still, you can do a wonderful job with all of them.

Content worth advertising for musicians:

  •    New music video: This will draw fans to your work, as well as bring attention to an album or for the best, earn subscribers so you show in their YouTube Homepage.
  •    A “making of” video: This may be best targeted at your existing fans, but a “making of” video can build a lot of buzz for a future release, this is very attractive if you are making a fantasy or very technical video with a twist, many musicians hire an independent graphic artist to make this sequences of art for them and feature the artist, this way both earn fans and share existing ones.
  •  An “out now” Ad: This is really what YouTube ads are for: brief clips that lead viewers to an iTunes store or website, or any other service, we will approach this method and more for monetization purposes so your videos start earning you money.
  •    Well-shot acoustic video or live performance: It could build buzz for your future work and get new fans interested in your music, it is always attractive to see the most raw form of work of any artist, and usually hearing a song without mixing or effects in the instruments it really brings the “nature” of it.

These are the basics to what you should consider so far to creating your content in YouTube and feeling the security that it has a higher success rate than before, but now we want to approach the way to getting found by others without having to advertise our video everywhere every five minutes, and that is optimizing the easiness with which others can find our content.


Also Included In The Course Once You’ve upgraded

  • Video Promotion & Marketing Techniques In YouTube:

  • Viral Marketing Basics

  • Youtube Analytics

  • Partner’s program and monetization system.

  • Make Money & Reap Rewards From Your Marketing Efforts

  • Expand your earning potential